July 22, 2024

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New sanctions on Russia: ‘Future conflict between US and China taking shape’

New sanctions on Russia: ‘Future conflict between US and China taking shape’

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The US government is targeting Russian arms production with new sanctions. The U.S. Treasury Department said about 200 companies and 80 individuals in countries that support purchases of Russian arms production are affected by the sanctions. A significant number of Chinese companies and individuals are on the list. “China is a major exporter of microchips that Russia uses to make precision weapons,” says former army chief Mart de Groof.

New US sanctions against Russia mainly target China

About two hundred companies and eighty individuals in countries where the Americans support the purchase of Russian arms production are affected by the sanctions. Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

China appeared to be aloof at the start of the war, and the opposite was the case two years later, according to a former commander. “China mainly supports Russia in exporting civilian goods,” says de Gruffudd, adding that ‘dual-use goods’ can also be used to make weapons. “Russia is heavily dependent on those materials for precision weapons such as cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles.”

Figure Xi

According to de Groof, the Chinese could avoid sanctions, but it would be a dent in President Xi Jinping’s carefully cultivated image as an impartial politician and visionary. ‘The image of neutral Xi is going to change. China also buys most of Iran’s oil. The future conflict between the US and China is taking shape.’

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The sanctions also target Russian production of chemical and biological weapons. Earlier yesterday, the US State Department accused Moscow of using multiple irritant gases in its war against Ukraine. It is about the toxic substance chloropyrin. According to de Cruyff, a type of tear gas was used against the Ukrainians’ fixed positions.

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‘All we know is that they discovered the gas was used hundreds of times. Although the United States is the only source, the OPCW confirms these findings, so there is a grain of truth in them.

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Three people have been sentenced in connection with the death of Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. The Kremlin critic died in Russian custody in February. According to his supporters, he was murdered.

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Due to the new sanctions, all assets of victims in the US will be frozen. Doing business with U.S. citizens or persons located in the U.S., sanctioned entities and individuals is prohibited. Sanctions make it more difficult for victims to do international business.