April 15, 2024

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Nintendo unexpectedly released Animal Crossing 2.0 update – Games – News

Nintendo unexpectedly and before that announced the update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons that was released. The update was planned for next Friday, but suddenly it became available on Wednesday evening Dutch time.

Users should receive the update automatically, but it is also possible to force the update by pressing the plus sign on the main screen of the switch and clicking Online under Software Updates, AnimalCrossingWorld fan site reports.

The site has also published a list of all the changes that have been found. Here are the changes Nintendo made during Direct Previously announced. For example, the classic Animal Crossing character Brewster comes to New Horizons, as is the multiplayer Café The Roost. Fortune teller Katrina, the Gyroids and Sing Kapp’n also return to the game.

This last character takes players for 1,000 miles To which island it may or may not be in a different season. This way you can collect resources from the respective island, regardless of the season on the original island. Nintendo is also bringing new stuff, hairstyles, KK Slider songs and the ability to use your own fruits and vegetables in dishes to the game with the 2.0 update.

Despite the fact that 25 Euro Happy Home DLC will be released at the same time as the 2.0 update, the site does not mention that it is available. dlc release date According to Nintendo It’s still Friday.

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