March 28, 2023

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“No cop cars!” DRAINAGE AT BARKLEY MARATHON: Sabbe starts round 4 (of 5), 27 hours left on the clock | Other news

The warm-up is over, it’s gradual money time To all the super runners hoping to finish this marathon successfully.

It won’t be easy, though, as Sabbe was in good company at the start of the third round. He hugged himself on the heels of Jared Campbell, the American who was the only one to have successfully completed the Barclay Marathon 3 times.

With less than 27 hours left at the start of the fourth round, he is still on schedule. At that time, he still had to complete two loops of 32 kilometers each.

Sabbe only had fifteen minutes of rest between Episodes 3 and 4. However, according to the local reporter, he remains energetic and sharp-minded. When he left the end zone, the organization called him after him: “No police cars.” They undoubtedly alluded to his exit last year. Then Sabi lost the north and was arrested by the police.

For Saab, this is his third participation in the notorious ultra race, in which 5 loops of 32 kilometers must be run in 60 hours. In the previous two entries, he was always the last man still in the race.

Thomas van Wonsel, the other starting citizen, now gave up due to exhaustion.

7 contestants started Episode 4 on time, which is a record, and they are the only ones to stay on track. Among them is also Jasmine Paris. She is only the second woman to start the fourth ring, after Sue Johnston in 2001.