May 24, 2024

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No deal yet on Dutch corona policy: 'lockdown light' with early closures, catering and shops in preparation abroad

No deal yet on Dutch corona policy: ‘lockdown light’ with early closures, catering and shops in preparation abroad

UpdateConsultations within the Dutch government on the Corona rules so far have not yielded anything on Thursday evening. For example, much remains to be done during Corona’s meeting with the full team of ministers on Friday. The main lines will already be ready, according to the participants. Dutch media already knows there will be a short partial lockdown to quickly reduce infections.

According to the sources, the consultations were difficult. One of the people involved said there had been a “significant split”, in part due to concerns about support for stricter Corona rules. The talks, which were due to end Thursday afternoon, continued Thursday evening because no agreement had been reached yet.

There will be a combination of short-term and long-term package measures. For example, extending Corona’s entry ticket to other sectors requires a change in the law. However, this takes time. In order to get past the interval, the government would like to undo the measures it had taken earlier. This may include partial or complete closure of some sectors. Outbreak’s management team had advised closing theaters, among other things. On the other hand, the government will not decide this.

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RTL Nieuws knows there will be a short partial close. During this closure, restaurants and shops must close at 7pm. De Telegraaf also wrote that cafes and restaurants will have to close early. The Cabinet has not yet reached further details.

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The 2G meter is being prepared for the long term. So the Netherlands will also move from the third generation cycle, which takes into account three groups (vaccinated, treated and tested). In the second generation, there are still two groups: vaccinated and treated. In the 3G range people are trying to prevent infection, within 2G the unvaccinated people are kept at home and only this group is protected.

The Cabinet also asked the OMT if a firework ban is necessary again during the new year. However, this ban was not substantively discussed during consultations on Thursday.

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It seems almost certain that action will be taken. And the number of injuries reached, on Thursday, a new daily record. RIVM – the Dutch counterpart of Sciensano – has reported more than 16,000 infections. On Friday evening, a new press conference by resigned Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Anti-Coronavirus Minister Hugo de Jonge will be followed.

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