March 4, 2024

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No diploma, but useful or mathematical?  We recommend a job for four different school graduate profiles |  My guide

No diploma, but useful or mathematical? We recommend a job for four different school graduate profiles | My guide

GobatAt least 12 percent of students in our country leave secondary education without obtaining a diploma or professional qualification. This is clear from the latest figures issued by the Flemish Ministry of Education and Training. What jobs can these young people apply for and what does it entail? I knocked on VDAB's door.

1 in 5 cannot find a job

“It remains important to obtain a diploma, because it gives you more opportunities on the job market in the long term,” says Jock van Bommel, spokesman for the VDAB. “The VDAB School Leavers Report shows that one in five early school leavers are still looking for work a year later. If we look at the figures for all school leavers, it is only 5.5 per cent. As a job seeker, you can Your degree is free with VDAB. You can pursue second-chance education at a CVO center or you can follow your seventh year of vocational training in a secondary school.

For those for whom education is no longer an option, the VDAB lists four occupations – not coincidentally all of them are deficient occupations – in which you can also work without a degree.

How much is the return from the (extra) diploma per month? To this extent, your salary increases with your educational degree.

Useful Profiles: Industrial Installation Technician

As an industrial installation technician, you install, maintain and repair industrial or technological equipment. The profession is in the top ten shortage professions. “Very few young people choose technical training, which means that the solution does not appear immediately. Of the 2,569 vacancies acquired by the VDAB for this profession in 2023, there were 747 vacancies that were still open at the end of December,” Van Bommel explains. This job, you carry out checks, detect faults, replace faulty parts, etc. “Teamwork is very important here, just like working safely,” says Van Bommel.

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Reading advice: These are the 30 technicians needed.

Digital Profiles: IT Support Officer

According to the VDAB, there is also an acute shortage of IT profiles. Job seekers who choose the ICT Support Officer profile, which falls within the ICT Analyst-Developer profession, are the first point of contact for clients with ICT problems. An important requirement for this job is communication skills.

“Other important skills you need are good customer service, diagnosing faults, performing basic maintenance on IT equipment and configuring devices or systems. “Depending on the customer, part of the patience is also important of course,” Van Bommel winks. Click here for a selection of vacancies for this position.

Administrative features: Goods transport dispatcher

A freight transport dispatcher organizes and plans the national (international) transportation of various goods. The scope of tasks consists of selecting transportation modes, managing and planning the transportation fleet right on time-Delivery. “This position is also a bottleneck profession. This is because the employment base is becoming increasingly limited due to the changing content of the profession,” says Van Bommel. “Communication skills are also very important in this job. In addition, multilingualism and stress resistance are important.” Important assets.

What does an administrative assistant do and earn? You can read about it in our careers guide.

Sports Features: Lifesaver

As the “lifeguard” you supervise the swimmer. You make sure no accidents happen and help people in need. “Of the 1,334 vacancies acquired by the VDAB in 2023, 140 positions were still open at the end of December. Due to the combination of theory – first aid and resuscitation – and difficult practical exams, not everyone gets the First Lifeguard Diploma. The most important skills you need for this The profession is: the ability to swim, supervising swimming, taking appropriate action in emergency situations, social skills, stress resistance and flexibility.

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Is a diploma still important in the job market?

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