April 17, 2024

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No winner in the Brugge derby: Gutgla erases Minda's world-class goal, Thiago is at fault after fouls and red card

No winner in the Brugge derby: Gutgla erases Minda's world-class goal, Thiago is at fault after fouls and red card

Brugge derby without a winner. A dull neighborhood battle between Cercle and Club suddenly got a shining edge due to a world-class goal scored by Minda, who made his solo debut at the age of 16. Gutgla prevented the league from winning with a late equalizer. Thiago played a passive role, receiving two fouls and a red card.

Club Brugge saw captain Vanaken return from suspension along with Thiago, just in time for the City of Brugge derby. At Cercle Brugge, captain Somers was so disappointed, the true Brugge native had to watch suspended during his match of the year.

In addition to a lot of fierce battles and duels, the first fifteen minutes also provided a great opportunity for both teams. A few seconds after kick-off, De Cuyper had a free shot at the half-moon mark, but it shot wide. On the other hand, Dinky Mignolet targeted from an oblique angle.

Twenty minutes later, Thiago missed a great chance to make it 0-1. The Brazilian could have lunged for goal on his own, but decided to do so one-on-one with Warlison. After that, the quality in this derby declined. Only Lemaréchal generated some excitement, but he decided wide after a nice exchange with Augusto.

The first stage of the second half was characterized by two penalty moments. The club were unsuccessfully awarded a penalty when Nielsen received a powerful blow from Miango. Even when Le Marchal went down inside the penalty area after his duel with Vanaken, referee Lardo refused to protest, and the VAR followed his decision.

An hour later, a moment of stunning beauty followed at the Jan Briddle Stadium. With a gentle reaction to Meijer's header, Warleson kept Cercle upright and during the transition Minda pulled out his magic wand. The Ecuadorian unexpectedly ran from his own penalty area past four of the club's players and also outpaced Mignolet.

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Ten minutes later, Thiago was presented with an equalizer by Mier, but the Brazilian wasted a great chance once again. Noosa had done better when given space in the box, but now Warlison was on the way.

Nosa was more successful in the role of advertiser. In the final phase he drew a cross on Jutgla's head, leaving Warlison scrambling for an elusive ball. In extra time, the cooperation between the Norwegian and the Spaniard almost led to the winning goal for the club, but Gutgla ended the match poorly.

Thiago completed his non-match between them. His red card was waived for a high tackle on Warlison following a VAR intervention, but the Brazilian eventually received a second yellow card in extra time. This did not change anything in the result, as Cercle and Klopp kept each other off balance.