February 27, 2024

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NPO Manager Van Leen has stopped working, and possibly erratic behavior

NPO Manager Van Leen has stopped working, and possibly erratic behavior

Remco Van Leen

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The NPO is conducting an external investigation following suggestions that video director Remco Van Lien may have been involved in infringing behavior during his time at TROS. He worked there until 2014. During the investigation, Van Leen will resign from his duties at the nonprofit.

Last weekend, messages about inappropriate behavior by Van Leen appeared on social media and websites, a spokesperson for the nonprofit says. There were also “recent signs coming”. According to him, all this was a reason for deciding to conduct an investigation. According to the NPO, Van Lin says he doesn't recognize the signs, “but he takes every sign seriously.”

Although the nonprofit did not say which social media sites the messages appeared on, it was likely the Instagram account of juice vlogger Yvonne Coldweger. She wrote on Saturday that the nonprofit's board of directors was aware of numerous complaints about Remco Van Lien's inappropriate behavior. Dozens of women were reported to have been touched, assaulted, and sexually intimidated.

bee Telegraph Fan Lin initially responded that this was “complete nonsense.” “I'm really frustrated now and my head is a mess,” he later said.

“One known report”

In response to the new signals, Van Lin is resigning from his job “so as not to jeopardize the integrity of the research and the nonprofit.” His position is temporarily filled by Jojanneke Doorn with the management team.

Van Leen worked at TROS between 2003 and 2014. In the following two years, he was Media Director at AVROTROS and Content Director at Talpa between 2016 and 2019.