February 27, 2024

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OHL-ANTWERP LIVE (6:30 p.m., VTM 2).  Inspection of the stadium in the afternoon, what are the defending champions doing in Leuven?  |  sports

OHL-ANTWERP LIVE (6:30 p.m., VTM 2). Inspection of the stadium in the afternoon, what are the defending champions doing in Leuven? | sports

12 o'clock

Field inspection at two in the afternoon

Just as with the other quarterfinals of the Kroki Cup, the question is how hard the snow will fall in Leuven and whether the match between the OHL and Antwerp will be affected. A field inspection at Den Dreef is scheduled for 2 p.m.

4:35 pm

look. Van Bommel: “We can win many more awards for the Golden Boot”


About the Golden Shoe: “Of course, these nominations are beautiful.”

Then of course there is the Golden Boot. Antwerp has the top spot in the rankings with Toby Alderweireld. The National Champion is also represented in every other subcategory with a nomination. “None of that should have any impact on this week's competition. It's fun, of course. Being nominated in each category is unique, isn't it.”

“It is possible that we will go home with many trophies and this will be confirmation of our good performance last year. Party? No, we will play again on Sunday. Take everything with us and continue calmly, that is my motto.” “It's not a real topic in the locker room. Of course it's talked about, but not constantly.”


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Mark van Bommel: “Glad it's been calm for a while”

Van Bommel was happy that he could take off his belt for a while and that he could recharge his batteries with winter indoor training. “Well, I was happy because he was quiet for a while. For the last year and a half we were playing on our toes, but in the end he was empty for a while. So it's good that we got some rest and he can prepare to face Leuven but I'm happy.” “Also with things coming back. As a footballer and a coach, you want to play matches.”


look. Mark van Bommel on Overmars' suspension: “It's not easy”

“Mark has been suspended, but we don't know at all what that means and we are waiting for it,” said Mark van Bommel as he reflected on the news regarding manager Marc Overmars. “I can't say more about this. I think FIFA will put in place a precise penalty as soon as possible. Until then we said: Take it easy. We can't risk Mark wandering around here and that'll have his picture taken.” We want to get ahead of that. “We just want an answer as quickly as possible.”

“As a coach, it is strange that the manager is not around on a daily basis. Mark usually follows up on all the training sessions, so he can create a good image. The communications for incoming and outgoing transfers are all done through Mark. It is not completely calm, because of course we still have Sven Jak, But it's not easy at all.”

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Writers: “Stunt with the OHL? We definitely believe in it”

From the Spanish sun to the Belgian blizzard. As long as no one catches a cold from it. All must be well for OH Leuven if they are to reach the semi-finals of the cup for the first time in the club's history.

“The question was asked recently about which of the group of players has actually played a final. Not many, I can tell you. It's something unique, I can say from experience. A cup final in Heysel is fantastic, and I'm trying to pass that on to the group. And they are They realize this too. I have noticed more motivation during training.

Sippy Shrivers speaks. The OH Leuven midfielder knows that the cup match against national champions Antwerp will be a new chapter in the club's history. The OHL has never advanced beyond the quarterfinals. And who knows, the path to the final will be open after that, with a semi-final match against RWDM or KV Oostende in the near future…

We still want to know from him how to hurt Antwerp. “We have our game plan ready. With their strengths and weaknesses. We can always do more here at home, but you wouldn't say that this season if you look at the results. We drew against Antwerp at home, but we definitely had moments away from home. We believe “The long break also applies to them, so it's important that we are there right away and not look at this match as a friendly match. (Negative)

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