February 21, 2024

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Olympic News: Request for American Figure Skaters Rejected

Olympic News: Request for American Figure Skaters Rejected

The Beijing Olympics are in full swing. In the Olympic News section, Telesport focuses on the latest news from China. This section is constantly updated throughout the day.

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American Figure Skaters’ Demand Rejected: No Medal Ceremony

5:31 p.m. The nine figure skaters, who won silver for the United States at the Nations Cup at the Olympics, will not receive a medal in Beijing. The International Sports Tribunal CAS rejected their request. One of the plaintiffs is Olympic champion Nathan Sen.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended a ceremony involving 15-year-old figure skater Camila Valeva, a member of the Russian team that previously won a doping case. In December, Valiva tested positive for the banned substance trimethacidine, but it came just days after the team won gold at the Nations Cup. The IOC subsequently decided not to award the medals until a decision was made in that case.

More wind blowing in Yanking.

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More wind blowing in Yanking.

A modified ceremony is possible once the matter is resolved, but it will not be after the Beijing Games. The United States team wanted to get the medal they deserved before the end of the game during the official ceremony and tried to implement it at CAS on Saturday. The sports tribunal looked at it quickly and decided to stick to the IOC’s position.

Chinese skating duo Xui and Han pair won gold in riding

3:28 p.m. Chinese figure skating pair Xu Wenjing and Hong Kong won gold in riding at the Winter Games in Beijing. With a maximum of 155.47 points in freestyle, the two set a world record with a total of 239.88 points. This is the ninth gold for China in the Games.

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Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov, who competed for the Russian Olympic Committee, won silver. The difference with the winning couple is small. In the freestyle, Tarasova and Morozo scored 155.00 points for a total of 239.25 points. Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Kaliamov of Russia won the bronze (237.71).

For the past fifteen years the skating duo Sui and Han have been two-time world champions. The Chinese pair won silver at the 2018 Pyongyang Winter Games. They captivated the Chinese audience by doing an almost perfect freestyle with the sound of ‘Bridge Over Triple Water’ at the Capitol Indoor Stadium.

Curling team Sweden becomes Olympic champion for the first time

11:28 am The Swedish men’s curling team became Olympic champions for the first time in Beijing. In the final, the team led by Skip Niklas Edin defeated Great Britain 5-4 in extra time. Edin, 36, already had five world titles in his pocket.

Canada, which defeated defending champions the United States, has already won bronze. The Americans beat Sweden to gold in the final in Pyongyang in 2018.

The women’s final will be played on Sunday between Japan and Great Britain.

Bolsunov won gold in mass start cross-country skiing

10:05 am: Alexander Bolszonov of Russia won gold at the mass start in cross-country skiing at the Winter Games. The race was reduced from 50km to 30km due to bad weather. Silver went to his teammate Ivan Yakimushkin and Norway’s Simen Hexstad Krueger.

Newly corona not affected

8.07 am: No new corona vulnerabilities were detected at the Beijing Winter Games last day. The test was conducted on those who came to the event in China.

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Damage was also limited on Thursday. Only one person who arrived at the Beijing airport was tested positive. Winter sports end on Sunday.

The last skiing area was postponed due to high winds

05.10 am: The last Olympic section for alpine skaters will not take place on Saturday. With more wind blowing in the mountains in Yanking, it is not safe to start on a parallel mixed relay for national teams.

The organization has already postponed the Saturday game several times. As the situation did not improve, it was decided to change the show to Sunday.

Nico Bordius retained David Wise from third gold

4:23 am: Freestyle skier David Wise has failed to win Olympic gold for the third time in a row in the Hoff category. The 31-year-old American had to finish second in Beijing.

New Zealand’s Nico Bordius won the gold with a maximum of 93.00 points. Wise scored 90.75 and the bronze went to his teammate Alex Ferreira (86.75).

Portius, 20, won bronze at the Pyongyang Games four years ago.

New Zealand has won two gold medals at the Games in China. Snowboard star Joey Sadovsky-Chinnot first appeared in the Slope Style area.