April 23, 2024

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“Once the WHO comes up with its pandemic treaty, how long before it declares the next ‘pandemic’?”

“Once the WHO comes up with its pandemic treaty, how long before it declares the next ‘pandemic’?”

doctor. Angus Dalglish, Professor of Medical Oncology at St George's Hospital Medical School in London. In a recent column, he commented on the WHO pandemic treaty, part of which we present here in translation.

[…] “Which brings me to the issues raised by the World Health Organization, which wants us all to agree on its global dominance agenda to tackle the next pandemic. Our government, along with many others, seems to think this will be a good thing, although many Of us are horrified that this means losing our sovereignty. The World Health Organization has done everything it can to reassure us that this is not the case and has published a document explaining this.

But Swiss legal expert Philip Kraus explained last week to Parliament that this is a lie. He did this by looking at the document, which, because of its length, seemed designed to prevent detailed reading.

The World Health Organization has proven to be extremely incompetent in its handling of the coronavirus outbreak in China. Now she wants to impose this incompetence on us all once again, but this time under complete control. Why?

Remarkably, the WHO has appointed Jeremy Farrar of the Wellcome Trust (the world's largest private biomedical research charity) to lead the science, along with other lunatics who think we should go into lockdown sooner and more forcefully next time. .

Farrar is either a hired liar or completely incompetent to direct the cover-up of the fact that the Covid virus escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan. It is recorded that even his wife thought the virus did not look normal.

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The WHO is now in the grip of the Gates Foundation and China, and expects significant donations, which are also provided by the British government, as well as sister organizations such as GAVI and CEPI (Vaccine Liberation and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations). .

This is a wake-up call, and we must withdraw while we still have the chance.

What is the WHO's agenda? She wants to get the next pandemic under control, which she will surely announce when we're all registered.

The fear has already begun with the terrible disease called The implication is that it will hit the brain.

Unfortunately, I have to say that a lot of this could be true. Our interpretation of the Covid virus sequence showed that it was heavily manipulated by sneaks that not only infect the main ACE-2 receptor, but can also bind to other secondary receptors such as those associated with taste and smell. So our brains are already infected, as those who have experienced brain fog can attest! […]

Thus part of Dr.'s column. Dalglish.

doctor. Angus Dalglish is an expert in immunology and professor of oncology at St George's Hospital Medical School in London.

source: https://dailysceptic.org/2024/02/16/once-the-who-gets-its-pandemic-treaty-how-long-till-it-declares-the-next-pandemic/?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email /

Dr Dalglish previously warned of cancer after mRNA vaccination. See the article: Professor Angus Dalglish again warns of cancer after mRNA vaccination – Stichting Artsen Collectief

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