May 30, 2024

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OncoZON is the first European oncology network to receive the OECI Quality Mark

OncoZON is the first European oncology network to receive the OECI Quality Mark

OncoZON is a partnership between 10 organizations in the southeast of the Netherlands. It consists of the following partners: Anna Zoergruppe, Katarina Hospital Eindhoven, Elkerlik Hospital, Laurentius Hospital, Mastro, Maxima MC, Maastricht UMC+, SGG Vert, Vikori Medical Center, Zuiderland MC.

Innovative and integrated

According to the OECI, an innovative and integrated approach to cancer care is characterized by regional oncology working groups and regional multidisciplinary consultations (MDOs), where the latest (scientific) ideas are exchanged and applied in practice. OECI is the institute in Europe that tests and monitors whether an oncology healthcare institution meets internationally defined high quality requirements in care, education and research. An important condition for this is the presence of one Comprehensive cancer center Existing within the network, MUMC+ has complied with this since 2021. By obtaining the Quality Mark, OncoZON was able to demonstrate in this network sponsorship pilot that the three fundamental pillars are united in the regional approach.

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Rene van der Hulst, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OncoZON, and MCCC Medical Director of MUMC+ says; “We are very proud of the fact that the OECI indicates that our highly skilled and motivated healthcare professionals work exceptionally hard to continue improving the quality of care. It is therefore a valuable recognition for all participants, who make our network so strong.” Helen Mertens, Chair of the General Board of OncoZON and Director of MUMC+: “The fact that we have achieved this together as ten independent healthcare organizations is truly an achievement of which we should be extremely proud. Accreditation is not just a matter of prestige, it has led to thoughtful reflection. It has been a catalyst for greater communication and progress in the quality of healthcare operations.”


The success of the network is also enhanced by close cooperation with the Integrated Cancer Center Netherlands and the Netherlands Institute for Clinical Audit. In addition, work is being done to increase coordination with general practitioners and various healthcare professionals in primary care and to enhance patient engagement at all levels within the network. In order to continue shaping the future of healthcare together. Investment is also being made in the education of healthcare professionals, people with cancer and their loved ones. The OECI cites examples of innovative programs in many hospitals, such as rehabilitation and palliative programmes. In addition, further regional coordination is also underway to exchange data on research activities, biobanks, clinical trials and patient satisfaction surveys. The OECI still sees opportunities for further improvement, such as promoting translational research in particular, engaging nurses and developing a dashboard with key performance indicators. This is addressed in improvement plans.

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Effective indicator

“OncoZON will be evaluated again by the OECI in five years. This accreditation serves as a good indicator. OncoZON has literally raised oncology care in the region to a clearly higher level. So it is not an end goal for us. It is an important step on our way to continuing “Delivering high-quality cancer care to everyone in our region and continually improving it now and in the future.” said Rene van der Hulst.

Symposium September 27, 2024

A seminar will be organized on Friday, September 27, 2024, where OncoZON will share its knowledge about OECI Network Certification. This day will also take a lot of time to catch up on the latest scientific ideas. It provides a platform to further improve the network's quality of care. Simon Oberst, Director of Quality and Accreditation at OECI, is one of the Keynote speakers.