September 24, 2022

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OTH Architects |  VU University Amsterdam Auditorium

OTH Architects | VU University Amsterdam Auditorium

The auditorium of VU Amsterdam has been completely renovated. In the main building on Boelelaan, the Auditorium and the nearby Aula form the heart of the VU. The space was very old and the facilities and technology very old. OTH engineers signed the design based on three axes: balance, daylight and human scale.

balance; In the right balance between function, technology and appearance, Vu wanted a college-looking hall and a natural fit with the main building.

daylight; Returning daylight, which in the old situation was a disturbing factor due to the direction of the hall.

Human Size Due to its generous proportions, the space should also feel comfortable for smaller groups in terms of finish, comfort and color.

In order to respond to the modern requirements of researchers and students, the space has been completely stripped down to the original, distinctive concrete construction. The anonymous entrance doors have been replaced by a beautiful large wooden pivot door, and this particular door emphasizes the importance of the space. An important intervention is the room orientation rotation suggested by OTH. By rotating the platform, the space can once again make full use of the daylight, which streams in on one side through large wooden slats. For symmetry, the same wooden structure was placed on the opposite side. These wall finishes form a kind of contemporary paneling and give the space a human dimension. All necessary technologies have been carefully incorporated into the design. The large stage is designed with seating edges on both sides like a tray, so that all festivities can be presented beautifully. With the hall modernization, the space is now more suitable for festive and festive gatherings such as promotions, seminars, conferences, lectures and graduation ceremonies with over 200 seats.

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