March 4, 2024

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Our coast now also has a marathon route for mountain bikers: 107 km from north to south |  mountain bike

Our coast now also has a marathon route for mountain bikers: 107 km from north to south | mountain bike

In recent years, many mountain bike trails on the coast have been opened or renovated. It has always been the ambition of Sport Vlaanderen, Westtoer and the coastal municipalities to eventually connect all these roads to a continuous, high-quality coastal network of more than 425 km. With the opening of the new road in Ostend earlier this year, the coastal mountain bike network has become a reality.

“We are investing in low-score sports infrastructure, such as road structures, to make Flanders more suitable for sport,” says Flemish Sports Minister Ben Waits.

“We already have over 7,000 kilometers of mountain bike routes in Flanders, which we carefully map and maintain. This extensive new mountain bike network is a unique concept in Flanders and the surrounding region and ensures that sports can be enjoyed year-round at all levels on our beautiful coast.”

“With this expansion of mountain biking, we are keeping the barriers to outdoor sports as low as possible, so that people, too, can fulfill their cycling ambitions after the summer.”

As part of this network, Sport Vlaanderen has developed a new 107 km west coast marathon route for mountain bikers who love an extra challenge. With separate signage, the four routes at DePanne, Koksijde, Nieuwpoort and Middelkerke intertwine into one very long mountain bike loop.

Marathon routes are very long routes for mountain bikers who, alone or in a group, want to struggle for hours on end, with adequate elevation scales and technical trails. You will indeed find such a road in Limburg, Flemish Brabant and East Flanders. The goal is to create at least one marathon route in each county.

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“A minimum of 2,300 poles and banners should ensure high-quality signage for mountain bikers,” says Rep. Sabine Lahaye Patio.

Voluntary godparents perform one or more examinations annually and
Other cyclists can also report problems on the roads via the website Westtoer’s technical teams do the work necessary to maintain road signs in optimum condition.”