April 17, 2024

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Out-of-the-Fund MS Scholarship Support Round – National MS Fund

Out-of-the-Fund MS Scholarship Support Round – National MS Fund

MS and Research Foundation He. She National Multiple Sclerosis Fund In cooperation with Establishing Moves A round of subsidies for One yaor or-theBbull Grant! theThey support Conducts research in eAnd innovative Possible hypothesis and Offers Scholars within MSExplore the opportunity to get off the beaten track. the out of place-the-Box Grant Become Funded by Moves of proceeds”Climbing against MS – Release 2024 And Participants in This event will be requested To choose from project proposals.


The project idea can be submitted by the main applicant who has a PhD, is carrying out research in the Master's field and has an appointment within a Dutch or Flemish research institution. Researchers who do not have a permanent appointment can apply as the main applicant, provided that one of the co-applicants has a permanent appointment at the same Dutch or Flemish research institution.


Research should aim to find the causes of MS and contribute to an MS-free world in the future.


Project idea for a maximum of one year with a maximum support of €100,000 per project. The model is flexible and is not limited by many rules and guidelines regarding resource use. The project leader can invest support in the team and/or materials at his or her own discretion.


The deadline to apply is March 22 by 9:00 AM via [email protected].


  • Research should aim to find Causes of MS And contribute to a A future world free of MS.
  • The research takes place in a Dutch or Flemish research institution.
  • The Project Leader may only be the lead applicant on one project. If the project lead does not have a permanent appointment, a supervisor with a permanent appointment must be on the project as a co-applicant.
  • The order is a maximum of 4 A4 long and contains:
  • Relevance
  • hypothesis
  • (global) approach
  • What makes an idea unique/innovative?
  • Main message and images (for communication purposes)
  • The Dutch part of the application must be understandable to a wide audience and preferably contain an informative diagram.
  • Required budget
  • The project idea should be easily translatable into communication with a wide audience.
  • The flywheel should be researched further.
  • Collaboration with other institutes (synergy/cross-pollination) is highly recommended.
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See the bottom of this page for full scholarship instructions and application form for this funding.

Evaluation procedures and schedule

Project ideas are tested and evaluated by the Opportunity Evaluation Committee.

  • Minimum evaluation committee test
  • Relevance: Does research contribute to finding the causes of MS?
  • Feasibility: Is the experimental method appropriate to answer the research question?
  • Quality of collection: Having the knowledge/skills/materials needed to conduct the research properly.
  • Is it an innovative/new idea?
  • Is the project unique and are there opportunities for collaboration with other research groups?
  • Among the best 3-4 project proposals that have passed the minimum test of the evaluation committee, the Dutch part of the application will be placed on the MoveS website on May 1, 2024. Participants of “Climbing against MS – 2024 edition” can then press their vote for their favorite project.