May 30, 2024

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Outrage over Jabba the Hutt add-on mission from Star Wars Outlaws behind Ubisoft's paywall

Outrage over Jabba the Hutt add-on mission from Star Wars Outlaws behind Ubisoft's paywall

There has been buzz about Jabba the Hutt's additional mission Star Wars Outlaws Which is only accessible to those who have a Season Pass. This Season Pass is part of the more expensive Gold and Ultimate editions of the game.

This in itself is not an entirely new practice. Additional missions have long been offered as a pre-order add-on or part of the Season Pass, also in Ubisoft games. It's a practice that has little sympathy, but is now fairly common. However, Ubisoft has received more attention recently, partly because they no longer give players access to their version of The Crew, and as a company you naturally find yourself in the eye of the storm with such matters.

Furthermore, Ubisoft initially seemed to be deliberately vague about what exactly the “Jabba's Gambit” quest entailed for Star Wars Outlaws. For example, fans could be under the impression that Jabba the Hutt will only appear in the game through this exclusive mission, something Ubisoft has now clarified. It appears that this is just a bonus mission and that Jabba the Hutt and the Hutt Cartel will also be part of the main game apart from this mission.

Another thing that Ubisoft remains vague about at the moment is the question of whether this additional mission could later be made available for free to all Star Wars Outlaws players. After all, this is also a common practice, where pre-order or season pass add-ons become available to all players after a few months in exchange for some in-game credits or something, which you can often earn without spending a dime.

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Of course, it is understood that Ubisoft is not saying anything about this at the moment. Anyone who pays extra for the Season Pass could feel cheated or decide not to make the purchase, causing Ubisoft to lose money.

So, there is little new under the sun, but it goes to show that such practices are rarely well received.