July 1, 2022

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Over 200 Belgians still in Ukraine: 'We've asked to leave five or six times, but some haven't listened' |  Ukraine and Russia war

Over 200 Belgians still in Ukraine: ‘We’ve asked to leave five or six times, but some haven’t listened’ | Ukraine and Russia war

The State Department is aware of at least 276 Belgians and relatives in Ukraine. This is what Foreign Minister Sophie Villemis (MR) said in a government press conference† Evacuation is not possible, but the Department of State advises citizens to leave the country if conditions permit. Meanwhile, the Belgian embassy in Kyiv was forced to close its doors, RTBF reported.

In total, our country in Ukraine is responsible for at least 294 people. It concerns 232 Belgians, 44 close relatives and 18 Luxembourgians. Willems noted that it is possible that there are still citizens in Ukraine whom the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not know.

Meanwhile, the Belgian embassy in Kyiv, which was still open last week, was closed due to the advance of Russian forces towards the Ukrainian capital, Belgian Ambassador to Ukraine Axel Lennart confirmed to RTBF. “It’s very difficult,” he says. We have invited the Belgians in Ukraine five or six times to leave. Some will not listen.”

Airspace closed

In any case, Villemis said, the State Department is very concerned about the citizens of Ukraine. “Our priority and will continue to be ensuring consular assistance.” She added that the teams are also present on the borders between Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania. Evacuation to Belgium is not possible, because the airspace is closed. Willems warned of this last week.

There are also just over 900 Belgians in Russia. They are also advised to leave the country. Permanent residents are advised to check if it is possible to return to Belgium temporarily. Willems said European airspace is closed to aircraft from Russia, but you can leave Russia via third countries.

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