September 22, 2023

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Over €980,000 charged to officer who shot Nahl: ‘indecent and outrageous’ |  HLN’s Instagram

Over €980,000 charged to officer who shot Nahl: ‘indecent and outrageous’ | HLN’s Instagram

the fundraiser Assigned to the officer who shot Nael, he has already collected more than €980,000 in three days. Tens of thousands of people have already contributed, to the dismay of the government. “Indecent and outrageous,” it sounds there Similar initiative Nael’s mother brought in more than 180,000 euros, five times less.

The support campaign on GoFundMe was started by Jean Messiha, a former spokesperson for far-right presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. The description reads: “Payment to Florian M., agent in Nanterre who has done his job but now pays dearly for it.” More than 40,000 sympathizers have already contributed, with amounts ranging from 5 to 3,000 euros.

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The initiative sparks a lot of resentment, especially on the left. Olivier Faure, leader of the Socialist Opposition, personally addresses GoFundMe in a tweet. “This is a shameful fundraiser. By supporting an officer who is suspected of premeditated murder, you are helping to preserve the massive gap. Close this account!”


Left-wing politicians have been very involved in the call, but there is also discontent within the government. Jan Messiah is still igniting the fire of riots. Eric Bothorel (a member of President Emmanuel Macron’s party; ed.) says the enormous amount he has already collected for this agent is inappropriate and outrageous.

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For police unions, of course, this support is heartening. “Once questions are asked about the agent’s actions, he is on his own. So it’s no wonder that colleagues or friends often do something themselves to help the family, ”answers union leader Christophe Coffey.

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“pain in the heart”

In this case, in parallel to the large fundraising campaign, there is also a smaller initiative by friends. But even there, more than €53,000 has already been raised, according to French news channel BFM TV.

Nahil’s grandmother doesn’t understand that Florian M. can still count on so much sympathy. “It hurts the heart. But he will be punished like everyone else. I have faith in the court,” he said.

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