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Owners about the “new Fiesta”

Owners about the “new Fiesta”

The current Ford Puma entered the market in 2019 and reintroduced a name from the past. After all, the Puma name was previously associated with a Fiesta derivative, even though it was previously a sports coupe. The Fiesta also has close ties to the current Puma, because the current model shares its platform – not to be confused with the chassis – with the recently phased out seventh-generation Fiesta. Puma measures approximately 15 cm long, 7.1 cm wide and 6.7 cm high. The wheelbase has grown by 9.5 cm compared to the Fiesta. The Puma is larger, but it’s certainly not a giant SUV.

Space and ease of use

Enthusiasts may be sad that the holiday has passed, but in practice, owners have sometimes faced limitations. For example, they repeatedly pointed out in their reviews that the space in the back left much to be desired. With the Puma, the space available is more appreciated, although the Fiesta’s genes are reflected here too. A Belgian Puma driver says: “In terms of space, it is actually an ideal car for couples or individuals.” “There’s a little space in the back seat, but a lot of space in terms of luggage. I already have everything in the famous Megabox and then you end up with an empty trunk.”

A Puma ST driver, who has previously driven a Fiesta ST, is facing the same thing. “The interior is no different from that of the Fiesta, except that some things are made of nicer materials and look better. In terms of interior space, the Puma wins, especially since the boot is larger and much more practical than that of the Fiesta. You can adjust the bottom and there is a very deep bin.” Underneath.”

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Ford Puma

Sitting comfort

So the space on board is good, but what about the Puma? “Nice seats with lots of support, although the seat is quite short, it adjusts easily,” sums up the Puma ST-Line 1.0 EcoBoost driver. He still has some comments on matters surrounding chairs. “The door armrest is a bit too low to lean on comfortably, but the door/window edge is too narrow to allow that. The center armrest is also too short and not adjustable. This professional driver agrees: “The car is equipped with seats STRONG, FIT AND SUPPORTIVE!On trips like these, you’ll really appreciate the stiffer ST-Line suspension with these seats.

Ford Puma

It seems as if all Pumas are designed as ST-Line with ditto seats, we read nothing about seating comfort in the standard seats. The driver of the real Puma ST has sportier seats. “The sports seats draw you in as a driver (or front passenger). Everyone who gets into the front of my car for the first time comments on that almost immediately. This is not only useful.” Due to the high ledges along the side, entry requires some dexterity, and for people with Fairly sturdy build, this doesn’t seem to me to be the most comfortable option in the automotive world. But… I can’t live without him anymore.

Ford Puma

Puma driving

The Ford Fiesta is known for its sharp handling. The following owners describe the prices of Puma cars. “The Puma is more like a Fiesta than a Focus,” says the 1.0 EcoBoost driver. “Very lightweight car and very smooth handling. The limits of the car are far. The car is simply fast, which is more than enough for Dutch roads and also with moderate acceleration when entering the motorway it quickly reaches 100-120 km/h. The car is very quiet even at high speeds.” ” There also seems to be a drawback. “With the ST Line, the suspension is on the stiff side, which is especially noticeable on German autobahns with moderate asphalt.”

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Another shorter ST-Line racer. “The steering is another joy in this car and I find it remarkably firm in fast corners. It rarely ever leans. This also applies to the next owner.” In terms of steering, road holding and cornering behaviour, this Puma really is the best. The DNA of the Focus and Fiesta is clearly present here. It even goes further. “The 155-horsepower engine, this chassis and the tuning, makes you long for the next ride every time.”

Ford Puma ST

The Ford Puma ST, just as stunning as the Fiesta ST.

There is of course a superlative in the form of the Puma ST. Can it compete with the lower-end Fiesta ST? “In terms of chassis, steering and handling, the answer is a resounding yes,” says the owner of a nearly 200-horsepower Puma. He explains: “The Puma is 100% a copy of the Fiesta when it comes to this area. Very direct steering, slightly nervous handling and remarkably good comfort. The roundabouts don’t seem to exist for the Puma, you can get past them very quickly.” The downside of nervous behavior: “When driving fast, always keep your hands on the steering wheel, because the car is very sensitive to ruts.”

Ford Puma ST-Line Vignale

Ford Puma with luxurious Vignale design.

Maintenance, malfunctions and irritations

The Puma ST has not been on the market for very long, so true quality cannot prove itself yet. For now, this means that most drivers experience a problem-free car. One 1.0 EcoBoost driver reported squeaking noises coming from the steering column. Then the steering column was replaced. At first there were no lasting results, although the driver says the squeaking later went away on its own. Another incident involved a leak in the fender, which caused one driver to become water-balled inside.

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A complaint that not drivers of a “regular” Puma, but a couple of ST drivers do: squeaks and rattles in the interior. The next ST driver’s problem went beyond a simple rattle, as his panoramic roof was crushed while driving. “Was it a stone? No, there was no impact and I didn’t drive under the bridge. Was the roof open? No. Was it closed incorrectly? No, I definitely noticed it. Temperatures, shock, loud music… No, no “No.” The real reason is still unknown.

Ford Puma

Is Puma a worthy successor to the Fiesta? It certainly looks that way, if we can believe the owners mentioned above. Not only mid-range Puma drivers are happy with the model, even VIP ST drivers are very enthusiastic – despite some accidents. The Puma may have a less historically loaded name than the Fiesta, but it takes the honors nicely.