May 21, 2024

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Paris deploys excavators to clean the city streets of garbage |  outside

Paris deploys excavators to clean the city streets of garbage | outside

After a strike lasting more than three weeks by garbage collection services, Paris is now using excavators to clean up the mountain of waste with more than 7,000 tonnes on the streets. The city announced this on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the union announced the suspension of the strike.

However, the garbage heap would not pose any health risks to the local population. It seems that there is no question of a rat infestation. The city remains vigilant and is in contact with local health services.

Garbage collection services have staged a strike to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform. About half of the city is affected. These are the places where the municipal waste collection service is active. A few days ago, the police called the staff to collect the garbage, after there was a mountain of waste of more than 10,000 tons.

In other neighborhoods the garbage collection service collects the trash. A strike was announced there earlier this week, but it was averted. It appears that the garbage collectors are now focused mainly on the course of the Paris Marathon next Sunday. The city speaks of “unprecedented resources” to speed up waste collection. The event will be held in his own words “in the best possible conditions”.

CGT today announced the suspension of the strike starting tomorrow (Wednesday) to discuss with members. At the same time, the Federation warns that the battle is far from over. “We’ll be back,” she says.

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