April 16, 2024

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Pau was not suspended, the harshest punishment for other coaches after misconduct at women’s soccer in the US

Pau was not suspended, the harshest punishment for other coaches after misconduct at women’s soccer in the US


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The National Women’s Soccer League, NWSL, has banned four soccer coaches for life for misconduct. It is because of this that these restrictions have been imposed A statement About abuse in the top professional women’s soccer league in the United States.

Vera Pau is also mentioned in the report. Ireland’s current national coach is not suspended and may return to American football under certain conditions.

Paul Riley (Portland Thorns and North Carolina Courage), Rory Dames (Chicago Red Stars), Richie Burke (Washington Spirit) and Christy Holley (Racing Louisville) are the only coaches not allowed to serve in American women’s soccer.

A large-scale investigation was launched after the two players had 59-year-old Riley Allegation of sexual assault. A report published last year found that more than half of American professional women’s soccer clubs reported systematic sexual misconduct, abuse of power and emotional abuse.

Two other former coaches, Craig Harrington (Utah Royals) and Alice LaHue (Gotham FC), were suspended for two years.

Pau is allowed to return under certain conditions

Six other coaches named in the report, including Pau, are allowed to return to coach in the NWSL, but under certain conditions. They must admit wrongdoing, take personal responsibility for misconduct and undergo special training.

According to the report, as coach of the Houston Dash in 2018, Pau made comments about — in his view — the obesity of some players. He also tried to exercise extreme control over the diet of the footballers.

Though Pao appeared before the inquiry committee, he refused to cooperate and limited himself to a written denial, the report said.

According to the peacock It was different: “Of course I cooperated. Directly. I only wanted to record the conversation. I was alone in front of four people of the research team. They unilaterally stopped the conversation. That’s why I made my story in writing. Because I wanted to. Be cooperative and open.”

The players union is satisfied

The NWSL imposed heavy fines on six American clubs. The Chicago Red Stars ($1.5 million) and Portland Thorns ($1 million) were fined the most.

The American Veterans Association is satisfied with the ban. “Today marks the start of a new NWSL,” said president Tony Hustler.

“No punishment will be enough to eliminate the suffering that so many players have endured,” Hustler said.

“By taking back power, players have achieved a complete overhaul of the NWSL environment, from league leadership to club owners and staff, with new policies to protect player safety.”