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Paul Gheysens verzet zich tegen bouw van nieuw stadion voor Club Brugge

Paul Gissens opposes building a new stadium for Club Brugge | Football 24

Wednesday 25 August 2021 – 13:00

Is Club Brugge coming soon or not? 129 parties objected to the construction of the new stadium. This includes Circle Brugge and Paul Gisens.

Cercle Brugge’s response was: “For us, but also many locals, this decision comes as a surprise.” According to the Energy Information Administration, the current Jan Briddle Stadium should be demolished, but Circle has no alternative. The current agreement to play in the stadium runs until 2023.

The city council is trying to free up land in Blankenberge Stenwig to build a smaller Circle stadium. However, this procedure does not work smoothly latest news.

In addition, Antwerp owner Gheysens has also filed an objection to the new football temple Club Brugge. The Gheysens owns a plot of land there.

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