June 13, 2024

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Peter Vandenemppt downplays Club Brugge’s win and imminent title – Football News

Peter Vandenemppt downplays Club Brugge’s win and imminent title – Football News

While the entire Club Brugge club is cheering the win over Anderlecht, there are other voices as well. Analyst Peter Vandenemppt remains very focused.

Club Brugge is at the top of the European Champions League qualifiers after its victory over RSC Anderlecht on Sunday.

The way things are going now, Blauzwart will no longer miss out on a new national title, even though we know a lot is possible in the playoffs. “One point at home to Cercle Brugge, which is not a lot to ask for a team that got 23 out of 27 in this last round, I think,” said Sporza.

Vandenembept praised coach Nicky Hain’s tactical approach, by deploying an additional player in midfield. “The club did not play great football, but it combined conviction, courage, craftsmanship and individual level.”

Anderlecht stood helpless as they were led to carnage and Brian Rimmer failed to offer any tactical resistance.

It is natural for the club to become champions

“It was a well-deserved and very easy win for Club Brugge. And look: the impossible will happen after all. “I became champion after being 19 points behind after a dramatic regular competition,” continues Vandenbempt.

Although his praise soon stops and Club Brugge’s position is reduced to completely normal. “Club Brugge did what could be expected in the end. With the most expensive, best and widest core ever.

Especially with guys like Skov Olsen and Nosa on the bench. “Then in the end, being the best in the country is just what you can expect,” Vandenmeppt is very strict.

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