April 16, 2024

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PFIZER VACCINE loses its effectiveness against delta variation. AD from the Government of Israel. Video »ILMETEO.it

Covid: PFIZER VACCINE loses its effectiveness against delta variation. AD from the Government of Israel. Video

Gives Israel The bad news is coming about Vaccine protection against variants, Especially against mutation Delta, Something that has become more prevalent in Europe in recent weeks. Yaniv Erlich, An associate professor at Columbia University, commented on the release of data from the Israeli Ministry of Health in this regardEfficacy of the vaccine Pfizer-Biotech Anti-COVID Called strain Indian“The corona virus is currently feared to be spreading around the world.

“The Ministry of Health has reported that the effectiveness of Pfizer in protecting against delta variability is reduced from 94% to 64% against other strains. This has significant implications for herd immunity And the potential of the virus is growing. “ He wrote Ehrlich. In the end 30% loss Performance against Delta variant.

Today, as confirmed and announced by the newspaper Courier della sera, Israel With refers to one of the countries of the world High rate of immunization In the population against COVID-19, with 57% of citizens who have completed the vaccination cycle, 88% of whom are over 50 years of age. In a study of recent data collected in the region from May 2 to June 5, the US pharmaceutical company vaccine recorded a data against 94.3% against SARS-Cowie-2 infection.

Five days after the government lifted anti-Govt restrictions Tel Aviv, Starting June 6, Pfizer’s safety began to decline to 64% In early July. 55% of the new cases detected in Israel last Friday involved people who had already been vaccinated. In light of this evidence, the Israeli government, After the reintroduction of the duty of masks in public places, Will consider taking it one step further by reintroducing it In the distance Consider suggesting one The third dose of the vaccine.

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