March 4, 2024

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Philip Goss makes important changes for ‘extra time’ – Football News

Philip Goss makes important changes for ‘extra time’ – Football News

When Aster Nzymana left Extra Time last season, it took a long time before VRT appointed a successor. Eventually he became Philip Goss, although in a different role.

Philip Goss was a frequently featured analyst on “Extra Time.” However, he was selected by the VRT as successor to the late Aster Nzeyimana. Although it’s clear that Joss doesn’t see himself as a presenter.

“A presenter in a suit looks at the camera and says ‘Good evening, dear viewers’ and ‘Goodbye, dear viewers.’ I don’t do any of that. ‘Because I can’t: there’s no Luc Abermont in me -‘ and I say it with great admiration for the perfect presenter,” said Homo. “.

However, Gus’s sharp edge disappeared little by little. “I was looked at a lot when there was a need to shake things up. I enjoyed that role for a long time, but eventually it no longer suited me.”

“I’m beginning to feel a little bit like…you know, I’m sometimes told that I’m a pushover, that I’ll just keep going until I’m right. I don’t distinguish myself in that: I’m always interested in the pleasure of discussion, never in winning.

Although Joos has changed one thing in the software. “I recently quit training for Overtime, and now I’m mad at myself for not stopping going to that tour 15 years ago.”

The difference is clear. “I was always in that rehearsal with Frank or Aster, but I noticed more and more that I was better there than I was in the actual broadcast. Why? Because I imitated my spontaneous reaction from the rehearsal on the antenna. And imitating yourself is never good.

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