February 21, 2024

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Pixel 6 Pro is Google's best selling phone of all time

Pixel 6 Pro is Google’s best selling phone of all time

The Pixel 6 series are the best-selling phones launched by Google. The company said this in a letter to shareholders. The Pixel 6 series is good value for money, but it comes with a lot of software issues.

Pixel 6 for sale

Google doesn’t often communicate publicly about the sale of its smart home products and phones. This time, Google CEO Sundar Pichai . said against its shareholders He said something about his pixel sales, but he didn’t mention the numbers. This is what he said:

In terms of hardware, the Pixel 6 is a huge step forward in range and I felt good to see the feedback from users. It’s the fastest selling Pixel phone, we’re introducing more consumers to the brand and making a lot of progress

Hardware and software problems

So without further information, the CEO of Google announced that the Pixel 6 series sells the best phones in the series and Google previously indicated Good sale for the series† at Our phone review We were very excited about the hardware that Google offers for its price. The Tensor chipset makes the phone perform like a flagship, the phones’ camera performance is exceptional, the battery life is decent and the screen is definitely good.

However, this does not tell the whole story of the Pixel 6 series. Every smartphone has to deal with software bugs, but the Pixel 6 series came out a lot of problems to the surface. It sometimes caused the phone to receive beta and security updates later than planned.

Google I/O 2022

Pichai also shares with the contributors that he is looking forward to upcoming Google products and that he can share more about them at Google I/O. The Google I/O conference will take place on May 11-12 and Google is expected to be there Pixel 6 A With the first smartwatch: pixel clock

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