June 20, 2024

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Poland plans to build a "barrier" on the border with Belarus |  Abroad

Poland plans to build a “barrier” on the border with Belarus | Abroad

Poland will aggressively strengthen its border with Belarus. Those borders are now under pressure as more and more refugees from crisis countries try to enter the European Union via Belarus. “It is planned to build a strong and high barrier with a monitoring system and motion detectors,” said Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminsky.

Parliament has yet to approve the “Barrier” project on the Polish-Belarusian border. Although the ruling nationalist PiS no longer has a majority in Poland, approval is still likely.

The Polish government accuses the Belarusian leader, Alexander Lukashenko, of deliberately moving refugees from crisis regions to the external borders of the European Union. Lukashenko announced in late May that his country would no longer prevent migrants from crossing into the European Union. This is how he reacted to the tough Western sanctions.

Poland had already started building a temporary fence on the border with Belarus at the end of August. The height of the barbed wire is about 2.5 meters, which was built by soldiers of the Polish army.

The fence will now be replaced by the new project of the Polish government. A Polish government spokesperson spoke of a “barrier” or “closure” – the word “wall” was not used. The Polish government allocates 366 million euros for the project. The Polish border guards are supervising the construction of the “barrier”.