June 21, 2024

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Poland summons the Belgian ambassador after criticism...

Poland summons the Belgian ambassador after criticism…

De Pauls Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki © AFP

The Polish government has summoned the Belgian ambassador in Warsaw, Luke Jacobs, to accountability over Prime Minister Alexander de Croo’s speech to the College of Europe in Bruges earlier this week. There, our Prime Minister warned his Polish counterpart, Mateusz Morawiecki, not to escalate the conflict over the basic rules of the rule of law and the European project.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the meeting will take place on Friday afternoon. The Prime Minister’s Office sees this as an indication that the letter was heard in Warsaw. Chancellery reports that the speech has been viewed more than 300,000 times on social media and thus has received a large following.

“You are playing a dangerous game”

“To those who give incendiary interviewers and think it necessary to declare a new world war in the Financial Times, I would say: you are playing a dangerous game, you are playing with fire when you are at war with yourself for political reasons. European colleagues,” de Croo noted Morawiki’s harsh language in Monday’s edition of the British Stock Exchange.

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Morawiecki threatened to use “all available resources” if the European Union continued to oppose the judicial reforms implemented by his national government at home. According to the government, it is necessary to eradicate corruption, but according to the European Union it undermines the separation of powers in the country. The dispute came to a head when the Constitutional Court in Warsaw ruled, after a question from Morawiecki earlier this month, that parts of European treaties violated the Polish constitution.

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According to de Croo, this attack is “totally unacceptable”. This time it is not about the “misguided arrogance of the so-called old member states”, according to the prime minister, but rather about the condemnation of “the overwhelming majority of member states, from the Baltic states to Portugal, who agree that our union is a union of values ​​and not a monetary machine”. According to him, Polexit is not the way out of the impasse. “We must challenge them. We must not fall into their trap, but we must heed the message of the 100,000 Polish citizens who took to the streets with the Polish and European flags side by side,” the prime minister said.