May 21, 2024

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Police are combing a huge nature reserve in search of Gabi's missing fiancé (22) |  Abroad

Police are combing a huge nature reserve in search of Gabi’s missing fiancé (22) | Abroad

US police are currently searching a huge Florida wildlife area in hopes of finding a trace of Brian Laundry, 23, the missing fiancée of YouTube star Gabe Pettito, 22. The two were on a road trip across the United States When the young woman suddenly disappeared. Brian appeared alone in the house, but now he’s missing, too.

The couple set out in a white Ford Transit van in July and planned to spend four months traveling, visiting national parks, and camping in the wilderness. They made many videos of their adventure and also filmed themselves laughing, kissing and running on the beaches.

On August 12, police stopped them near Arches National Park in the US state of Utah for speeding. Body camera footage shows Gabi crying. She tells how you had a fight with Brian that morning. The footage also shows Brian injured in the face, he said because his fiancée slammed him with her smartphone. They tell them that they are about to get married and that they do not want any problems. The police let them go.

no trace

On September 1, Brian returned home to Florida on his own. The couple from New York has been living there since 2019, with the young man’s parents, in Northport. No trace of Gabi – who was last seen two days ago in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Gabe Pettito and fiancé Brian Laundry in one of the many videos she made for YouTube. © YouTube

Her parents reported her missing ten days later. Brian suspected himself by not wanting to speak, neither to them nor to the police. He invoked his right to remain silent. According to his lawyer on his advice, because anything he says can be used against him, regardless of his guilt or innocence. Moments later, an unexpected new twist in the story ensued: Brian also seemed to have disappeared.

According to Northport Police, his parents reported him missing on Friday evening after they kept their lips together for a week. They haven’t seen him since Tuesday and believe he moved to Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County, halfway between Tampa and Fort Myers. It covers an area of ​​about 25,000 hectares (about 50,000 football fields), with approximately 130 kilometers of walking, cycling and horseback riding trails.

The North Port Police Department is now searching there along with the FBI and several other agencies. The search stopped last night after dark and continues today. According to the police, “nothing has been found” so far. The police confirmed that the rumors that talk about finding the body are incorrect.

Gabe’s family – who is also still missing – contacted Brian’s family to say where the young man was. She is convinced that he knows, but she does not want to say. She also doesn’t think Brian is really missing, but he’s in hiding.

And the police confirmed, Friday, that for her it is not a crime investigation, but a case of multiple disappearances. The couple’s truck, complete with a bed and a small living room, has been seized for investigation.


Over 1,000 tips have already been received. “Most of them are unusable,” the police said. The TikTok star, among others, claims that she picked Brian when he was on the go.

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