February 27, 2024

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Police hackathon traces hack that took Ukrainian children

Police hackathon traces hack that took Ukrainian children

Ukraine's parliament on Wednesday adopted amendments to allow the use of frozen sperm or eggs even after the death of soldiers. The social debate on this issue has flared up recently.

Late last year, Ukraine passed a law that freezes the reproductive cells of soldiers before they go to war. But the law, which takes effect at the end of March, requires soldiers' frozen sperm and eggs to be destroyed after death.

On Wednesday, 264 MPs approved an amendment that would allow sperm or eggs to be stored for three years after death. Later, the soldier's partner can pay to extend the savings period.

No MP voted against the measure, which was supported by the Ministry of Health.

The issue is particularly sensitive in a country heavily affected by the Russian invasion that began nearly two years ago. Mandating the destruction of the eggs and sperm of soldiers who died at the front was considered unfair by some, such as lawyer Olena Babich.

In a post that was widely shared on social media, she described the situation of one of her clients, whose husband was killed by semen. This sparked a wave of criticism of the rule and MPs vowed to rewrite the law before it came into effect.

Ukraine does not disclose casualties suffered by its military, but US estimates published by the New York Times last August put the death toll at nearly 70,000 and the number of wounded at 120,000. (Belga)