April 21, 2024

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Police officers punished for leaking Bob Saget's death |  Famous People

Police officers punished for leaking Bob Saget’s death | Famous People

Famous PeopleTwo officers from the Orange County Police Department in Florida have been jailed for their conduct over the death of actor Bob Saget. The two exchanged information about the ‘Full House’ actor’s death, shattering that news before his wife was officially notified.

According to the “New York Post,” Emiliano Silva told his brother that Saget had died. Then the brother shared this information on Twitter. Stephen Reed himself wasn’t at work on January 9, but he learned of the death of the 65-year-old “Full House” star from his co-stars and told several friends.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was soon flattened by the media, while Sagitt’s wife Kelly Rizzo waited for information about her husband, which she had no access to. Investigations concluded that Sagit most likely fell into his hotel room and hit his head severely.

The actor did not immediately realize the consequences of his fall and may have been taking a nap to recover from the show he just gave. Sagit never woke up, and according to the authorities, he eventually died of a brain hemorrhage caused by his fall.

The punishment received by the officers was not disclosed.

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