September 20, 2021

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President Macron wants to control the behavior of French police officers more strictly |  Abroad

President Macron wants to control the behavior of French police officers more strictly | Abroad

French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a speech at the National Police School in the northern French city of Roubaix that the behavior of police officers will be closely monitored. The president also wants to double the number of customers on Earth. Recently, there have been several complaints about officers in the country guilty of assault and racism.

Macron wants to create a “parliamentary oversight body for law enforcement”. “If you make mistakes, they should be punished,” the president said. Macron’s speech comes after months of discussions about the strained relationship between the police and the population. The reason for this is a video showing how in November of last year four French agents attacked a black music producer, Michel Zuckler, in his studio. Racially treated and abused. The incident sparked outrage and protest among French activists among others.

‘Lack of people and training’

One of the biggest criticisms is that France does not have an independent law enforcement watchdog. For example, the “Inspectorate General of the National Police” (IGPN), which is mainly made up of officers and consists of the Minister of the Interior and thus the Chief of Police, is not sufficiently independent.

“When we have difficulties in the field, it is because of the lack of personnel and training,” the president said. To solve this problem, Macron also announced that basic training for police officers will be extended by four months.

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