March 4, 2024

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Preview: 2024 Men's Cyclocross National Championship – Which Lion Will Win the Red, White and Blue?

Preview: 2024 Men's Cyclocross National Championship – Which Lion Will Win the Red, White and Blue?

Sunday, January 14, 2024 at 11:30 am

Without Mathieu van der Poel again, there is a unique opportunity during the Dutch Cyclo-Cross Championships for other top Dutch riders to win a special jersey this winter. While it's usually always Lars van der Haar for men, the tension will now be cut short on Sunday, January 14 at 3pm. Cycling Looking forward!


The last ten winners flag nl National Cyclocross Championship, Men's Elite
2023: flag nlLars van der Haar
2022: flag nlLars van der Haar
2021: It was not released due to the Corona pandemic
2020: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2019: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2018: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2017: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2016: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2015: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2014: flag nlLars van der Haar
2013: flag nlLars van der Haar

last year

2023 National Cycling Championships in Zaltbommel
The result is men
Science No. 1 flag nlLars van der Haar (Balwise Trek Lions) with a time of 1:04 min 11 sec.
Science No. 2 flag nlJoris Nieuwenhuis (Balloise Trek Lions) by 3 seconds
Science No. 3 flag nlRyan Camp (Paulus Sosin-Bingol) at 47 years old
4. flag nlPim Runhaar (Balloise Trek Lions) with a time of 1 minute and 25 seconds
5. flag nlCorne van Kessel (Deschacht-Heyns-Maes) with a time of 1 minute and 47 seconds


A multi-use circuit has been created on and around the grounds of Pavilion Nijstad, southwest of Hoogeveen, which will serve as the backdrop for the Cyclo-Cross National Championships this winter. The local – and also nationally known – cycling club De Peddelaars has mapped out the route, in which Jens Dekker is also closely involved. The former world junior champion did it about three years ago, when there was no talk of a comeback yet. So there was no benefit to the soul. “I wanted to create a course where the public could watch great competitions.”

That remains to be seen, but all the ingredients are there. The start of the circuit is after the asphalt strip at the start and end point on the meadow. It will never be a swamp there. Just after the first equipment station, a slightly longer climb begins, where riders can use their strength. This is followed by a short artistic clip Off-camberdescent, until they end up on the asphalt again. They drive in a long line to the northern part of the stadium, where they turn left into an entertainment area. There, the beach volleyball courts have been transformed into a real sandbox.

There is a twist that may be manageable. However, this is not a foolproof running trail, even though the sand is loose. After some bends over grass and a tile path, riders head to the beach at Surfplas. The sand is hard and easy to drive on. Compare it a bit to the sandy path during the Zilvermeercross in Mol. This is followed by a slightly easier section on the outside of the course, where you can regain your strength. After sending the second article, difficulties come in quick succession.

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This begins with a bridge, followed shortly after by a steep climb (to the same high point where the long climb ends) and a short, technical descent. Another bridge follows, followed by a long northern loop where sleepers were also likely to have been placed. After the turning point, they head towards the pavilion, where riders will ride across the balcony (on carpeted mats).

Then they get a short walk to the beach. At the end there is a noise barrier, which they have to climb steeply. Then they drive their cars about a hundred meters along this bridge. Finally, there is a short technical descent and two crucial curves before the riders end up back on the asphalt towards the crossing and finish street.

The track has some minor changes

Latest cycle lines, with pinned locations of Jens photos

Program and information

The program is Sunday, January 7, 2023
10.30 am: Junior category
12:00: Junior category
1.40pm: Women’s Elite + Women’s U23
3pm: Elite Men + U23 Men

Pavilion Nijstad, Kodijk 8, Hoogeveen

general information
Admission to the Cyclo-cross National Championship Day is free throughout the weekend.

Site organization
List of elite men's participants
List of participants of Men's Promises


Predicting the favorite for the Dutch cyclocross championship is not a difficult task. The national championship has been held since 1960 and one year after Corona (when it was canceled in 2021), our country has sixty editions. However, there are only twenty different names adorning the honor roll. Slocop is Henie Stamsnyjder, who has won the red, white and blue no fewer than nine times. Often, the strongest Dutch rider also wins the national championships. Only two cyclo-cross racers have split the last ten editions. The first is of course Mathieu van der Poel (six), who won't be there again after 2022 and 2023.

Lars van der Haar – Photo: Cor Vos

The other four editions he won Lars van der Haar. The Woudenberg terrier was immediately the best in the Netherlands on his debut in 2013, and did so again a year later. The MVDP has been the best for six straight editions, but in the last two seasons, the 32-year-old from the Baloise Trek Lions has returned to the red, white and blue.

At the start of the winter, Van der Haar showed the best version of himself, looking better than ever. But since training his team in December, his results have declined slightly. Fixed depending on the important month of January. Van der Haar always comes out on top in tournaments.

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The course at Hoogeveen is very fast in dry weather or frost and this suits Van der Haar like no other. In this case, he will have an advantage over his closest rivals – now – who benefit more from slower matches. Then it's back to strength and World Cup victories in Dendermond and Dublin Pim ronhar See how to deal with that.

The 22-year-old Hellendoorn from the Baloise Trek Lions is a revelation this season. In fact, since the European Championships in Bonchateau at the beginning of November, he has reached a very high level. Last week, he finished second in Koksijde behind Van der Poel, but managed to keep Wout van Aert behind him.

Pim Runhaar – Photo: Cor Vos

It was decided at the beginning of the winter season 2022-2023 Joris Nieuwenhuis To return to his roots. He relinquished his WorldTour contract with Team DSM and moved – once again – to Baloise Trek Lions, the team of living legend Sven Ness. This choice did not cause any harm to Zellheimer (27).

After a year of adjustment, this season shows Nieuwenhuis made the right decision. He has won two Superprestige Tours (Merksplas and Boom) and the former WorldTour pro also won the World Cup in Val di Sole. Recently it has become behind Mfdb He still finished second in the World Cup to Holst and Sonhoven. Will we get a full BTL phase?

This chance is high. Due to the weather conditions, the course will lose some of its fast character, meaning Nieuwenhuis and Ronhaar could last longer with the more experienced Van der Haar. We hope so too Tibor del Grosso For the benefit of. The 20-year-old Drent is virus-sensitive and has already been severely ill several times this season. It only happened after Dublin and also after New Year's Eve.

As a result, he only entered six races, but won half of them – the under-23 cyclocross races, of course. And a cross-country racer needs that every now and then to master a race finish. Because of the illness, there will have to be a bit of a wait and see.

A picture we will see on Sunday? Joris Nieuwenhuis with Van der Haar and Roonhaar in pursuit – Photo: Cor Vos

However, the young man has an advantage, for example Ryan Camp. The 23-year-old cyclo-cross rider from Roosendaal has been riding as a team since January 1, after not extending his contract with Pauwels Sozen-Bingöl. Just like Van der Haar, Roonhaar and Nieuwenhuis, Camp is already a world champion of promise.

They usually perform better in heavy cross-country racing, where the average speed is somewhat lower. In this regard, we hope that the ice will begin to thaw soon – just as it did with Rönnhaar and Nieuwenhuis. Because otherwise we will get a very quick cross into Hoogeveen, which Van der Haar will benefit from and also the young Del Grosso for example.

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For the final star in this preview we can count on three names. On a very good day, a podium finish is usually the highest achievable level for them, and winning seems an almost impossible task and will be a resounding upset on Sunday. to Stan Joudrey (30) This could mean his first elite podium.

Miss Hendrix We already succeeded in this two years ago at Rucphen. However, he has struggled since turning elite, but who knows, he might be able to do something extra. However, the last star was chosen Corn van Kessel (32). The Veldhoven native has had the best results of the season.

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Lars van der Haar
** Pim Rönehaar, Joris Nieuwenhuis
* Tibor del Grosso, Ryan Camp, Corne van Kessel

The U23 ride at the same time as the Elite

Tibor del Grosso – Photo: Cor Vos

The National Championships on Sunday are a mixed field for elite men and up-and-coming men. The latter category will simply be included in the elite results, but they will also receive their own honors based on their age. For example, Del Grosso could finish third, but come home to the red, white and blue for promises. If the youngster from Alpecin-Deceuninck wins, he will also take the elite title.

Other medal contenders among the promises are mainly David Haverdings, Danny van Lierop, Jos van der Eijgenden, Lukas Janssen and Billy Groenendaal. But that usually works to Del Grosso's advantage.

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Tibor del Grosso
** David Haverdings, Danny van Lierop
* Lukas Janssen, Billy Groenendaal, Jos van der Eijnden

Weather and TV

according to Weatheronline The riders will have to deal with the wet winter weather in Hoogeveen on Sunday. The temperature hovers around 4 degrees Celsius, and the westerly wind (wind force 4) makes us feel like we are around the freezing point. The chance of rain is over 80% all day, so it will be very cold in Drenthe. Melting snow and rain can lead to slippage, meaning it's more about strength and technique than speed.

The Women's and Men's Cyclo-Cross National Championships can be watched live in several ways. On the regional TV channel RTV Drenthe The live broadcast starts at 1:30pm with the women and then they stay there continuously. the number Reports on both matches via live stream in the app and online, while also And Discover+ Cross broadcast. National media also begin broadcasting around 3 p.m.