December 6, 2023

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Preview: Superprestige Niel 2023 – All the top players are there among the men

Preview: Superprestige Niel 2023 – All the top players are there among the men

Niels Bastians
Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 12:15 p.m

November 11, when it is traditionally time for the annual market crossing at Nile. For the second year in a row, it is part of the Telenet Superprestige, with great names to begin with. For the women, it is now up to Celine del Carmen Alvarado to seize her chance, while for the men, Thibaut Nys, Elie Iserbyt, Lars van der Haar and Michael Vanthornhout can compete. Cycling Looking forward!


The last ten winners Annual Market across the Nile
2022: Science isLorenz Swick
2021: Science isElie Esserbet
2020: Science isLorenz Swick
2019: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2018: flag nlMatthew van der Poel
2017: Science iston aerts
2016: Science iston aerts
2015: Science is Kevin Bowles
2014: Science is Sven Ness
2013: Science is Sven Ness

2022: flag nlCeline del Carmen Alvarado
2021: flag nlLucinda brand
2020: flag nlLucinda brand
2019: flag nlLucinda brand
2018: Science isSunny was
2017: science-gb Nikki Brameyer
2016: Science isSunny was
2015: Science isSunny was
2014: Science isSunny was
2013: Science isSunny was

last year


Telenet Superprestige 2022-2023
Men’s result – heat 3 inches Science is Nile

1. Science isLawrence Swick (Krilan-Frestads) with a time of 1:01:28 seconds
2. flag nlLars van der Haar (Balloise Trek Lions) is 3s behind
3. Science isMichael Vanthornhout (Paulus-Sozen-Bingol) at 35 years old
4. Science isElie Izerbit (Pauls Sosin-Bingol) at 41 years old
5. Science is – Vits Moisen (Pauls Sosin Bingöl) at 44 seconds


Telenet Superprestige 2022-2023
Women’s Results – Heat 3 inches Science is Nile

1. flag nlCeline del Carmen Alvarado (Alpecin-Deseueninc) at 48m04s.
2. flag nlDenis Betsema (Pauls Sosin Bingol) in the 5th minute
3. flag nl Inge van der Heijden (777) is 54 years old
4. flag nlAnnick van Alphen (777) in 1 minute and 03 seconds
5. Science isSane Cant (Krilan-Friestads) in 1 minute and 08 seconds


The most striking change to the course is the completely new finish line. In recent years, it has always been located on Antwerpsestraat, near the center of Niel. The start and finish will now be moved to a more central part of the course, on the Kwaede Wielstraat. The Cross has been synchronized with the fair for years. “The center gets very busy, and to separate the two events, we were asked to place the start and finish near the equipment station, on a nice wide path,” says course designer Erwin Verfken.

“This makes the cross a little tighter. The crowd in the middle sees the riders pass by, which makes the racing more attractive.” With thanks to Nielse Dijk, who plays a central role in Jaarmarktcross. Riders reach it via a steep slope, after which they enter the so-called “fat zone” at high speed.

Since the rain is heavy this week, riders may be knee-deep in mud. According to tradition, Vervecken says. “It will be very difficult, and it will also be the longest running area in the cross. This is followed by a few rapids, where the riders will have to crawl to the edge. Last year there were two or three of these sections, and the guys were sometimes able to ride them. Now they will have to get off the bike four or five times.

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The hardest area awaits at the end of the round. What’s called Nile walla 500-meter trail through the forest, was only added to the route in 2021. “This will be the Exaltation of the Cross, because from there it is only 500 meters to the finish. Riders no longer have to go around the pond, but are sent on Immediately towards the new finish line.

Moreover, there are also some technical areas waiting for the tour, especially in the initial stage. For example, just after passing the material station, passengers are offered Nile Pearls, the famous washboard in front of the general tent. The technique will also be tested through several sharp bends and a sixty-metre sandbox, but variations will be carried out mainly in the mud.

Practical information

9:30 a.m.: First-year newcomers
10.30 am: second year students
12:00: Junior men
1.40pm: Women’s, Elite and Under-23s
3.10pm: Men’s, Elite and Under-23s

Location and entrance
Kwaidi Willstraat, Neil
Entry: 17 euros (15 euros in advanceUntil November 10)

Site organization
Telenet Superprestige website

List of participants for men
List of women participants

Superprestige rankings 2023-2024 elite men
1. Science isElie Isserbit – 30 points
2. flag nlLars van der Haar – 27 points
3. Science isMichael Vanthornhout – 27 points
4. Science chapter Kevin Cone – 21 points
5. Science is Gerben Kuipers – 20 points

Super Prestige Classification 2023-2024 Elite Women
1. flag nlCeline del Carmen Alvarado – 29 points
2. flag nlAnne Marie West – 26 points
3. flag nl Angie van der Heijden – 24 points
4. flag nlAnnick van Alphen – 23 points
5. Science is Marion Norbert-Riberol – 17 points

Favorite men

All the best riders of the moment will be in attendance at Niel’s Annual Market Cross on Saturday. A remark that the UCI could not laugh at, because a day later Thibaut Nisse missed the World Cup in Dendermond.

Michael Vanthornhout can keep his shirt! – Photo: Cor Vos

Given the heavy rains last week, which will continue in the coming days, it is not unreasonable for us to be European champions. Michael Vanthornhout is expected. The West Flemish player has not looked good in recent weeks, but he proved everyone wrong at the European Championships in Bonchateau. “After America, Michael had a relapse with the disease, which meant he became less visible,” head coach Jurgen Mitbiningen told us. “But what we must not forget: his great goal was in Bonchateau anyway. There we again saw Michael who managed to win Grand Prix for an entire season last year. He is back now, and we want to form a front with Eli and Michael.”

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Eli, then Mittebenningen talks about it Elie Iserbit, That other leader of Bauls Sozin Bingol. In France, Iserbet missed out on the podium for the first time this season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything regarding next weekend. On paper, Vanthornhout is one of the best in the world at tough races, but Iserbyt can also do something about that. For the latter, it is especially important not to walk too much. There is an additional incentive for Iserbyt: he has so far earned maximum points in Telenet Superprestige, something he is not happy to give up.

Baloise Trek Lions, who we described before the European Championship as the most dominant team at the moment, face stiff competition. to Tibau Nice They still have a strong leader. Off days, as in the Maasmechelen and the European Championships, are currently alternating with days when there is nothing to do about it – just look at the Koppenbergcross. It all makes so much sense at 20 years old. After five days in which he took things a little easier, we expect the best version of Nys in Niel to emerge again. We don’t know yet if flat crosses like this suit him, but what can’t Ness do?

What does Lars van der Haar have left in the tank? – Photo: Cor Vos

During the previous version, a colleague fought Ness Lars van der Haar And Lorenz Swick An exciting battle for victory. So it’s not unreasonable to expect them here again. Swick has won two of the last three editions, although it was much drier at the time. The truth is that the partner rider is gradually returning to his best form, after a calf injury kept him out of action for some time. In Neal, he can take the next step in his development, after the European Championships did not go well: winning another classification.

We are looking for an outsider to get a good listing Cameron Mason, number two in the European Championship. The young Briton couldn’t believe his eyes when he was allowed to claim the closest place of honour, but he certainly wouldn’t be the last. Mason loves tough cross-country races, where you get ankle-deep in mud, so Neil is the place for him. Lander Lux, Nils Vandepute, Felipe Orts and Gerben Kuipers, who cannot shake off his poor start, can also hope for a good result.

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Michael Vanthornhout
**Elie Iserbit, Thibaut Ness
* Lars van der Haar, Lawrence Swick, Cameron Mason

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Favorite women

to Celine del Carmen Alvarado It’s harvest time! Her main rival, newly crowned European champion Wim van Empel, has begun a well-deserved weekend rest, while teammate Bouk Pieterse will return to cross country action next week in Troyes, France. Now it falls to former world champion Alvarado, who also claimed an emotional victory in Neil last year. We almost forget that the Dutchwoman performs excellently in motocross, having earned 29 points in Superprestige and is currently barely one point away from the maximum.

Dennis Betsema The big question mark remains. At the Koppenberg Stadium, Texel showed itself as Wim van Empel’s biggest rival, but shortly afterwards withdrew from the European Championships with national coach Gerben de Kneigt. Bitsema said he wants to add some additional training work, in light of the busy period ahead. This seems like a reasonable option to us, and one that immediately leads to a good outcome for Betsema? It would be good for the Pauwels Sauzen-Bingoal brand.

How did Bitsema return from her training period? – Photo: Cor Vos

Forget too Inge van der Heijden no. The Dutchman from Corendon-Crelan always remains somewhat in the shadow of her compatriots, but at the same time she continues to accumulate good ratings. Van der Heijden has often missed the podium in recent weeks – with the exception of Overese – but he also loves the difficult cross. Anik van Alphen (Cyclocross Reds) is in a similar situation. She piles up fourth and fifth places, but on a good day – as is the case in Maasmechelen – she is also ready for the podium.

Below that there is a whole row of riders waiting who could get a good classification. And so Anne Marie is worseQuick start Luxembourg mary Schreiber, Alicia Frank, Marion Nobert-Riberol, Laura Verdonchot, Leonie Bentfield, Anna Kay and Saint Cant.

Favorites according to WielerFlits
*** Celine del Carmen Alvarado
** Inge van der Heijden, Dennis Betsema
* Annick van Alphen, Annemarie Wurst, Marie Schreiber

Weather and TV

In Belgium, to broadcast live for men and women, you have to participate in elite cross country on open channels Telenet plays sports And Proximus Pixx We are. The Dutch people can then listen again Eurosport 1Or just watch via the electronic channels of On all channels, you can watch the women’s broadcast from 1:30 pm and the men’s broadcast from 3:00 pm.

As Verfkken suggested, there will be conflict in the Nile. The main reason is rainfall, which according to… meteophysta It will not be minimal. There will be heavy rain on Thursday and Friday, but on Saturday itself we can also expect a total of around 4.6mm of rain outside. Temperatures do not exceed 9 degrees Celsius, and winds blow at a force of 3 Beaufort.