February 25, 2024

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Preview the new CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs

Preview the new CPUs, GPUs, and SSDs

We've recently looked at all the great things 2023 has brought us, but now it's time to look to the future. In this article, we dive into the roadmaps of all major hardware manufacturers and discuss our predictions for 2024 components.

Although 2023 has been a bit of a tepid year for hardware in some ways, it looks like the new year has some exciting releases in store. AMD will launch Ryzen 8000G processors at the beginning of the year, and later in the year, we'll hopefully see a whole new generation of full Zen 5-based desktop CPUs. There's also a lot at stake for Intel with Arrow Lake, which, on… Unlike Meteor Lake, it will be released for desktop.

In the video card space, AMD and Nvidia seem to be taking things easy for a while, but fortunately we now have a third player in this market. Intel will launch its second generation Arc video cards this year. If Intel wants to establish itself as a major GPU name, it's going to have to hit the ground running.

In this article, we also take a look at the expected developments in the world of SSD drives and memory. Will the price increases of recent months continue into the new year and will 2024 finally be the year of PCI Express 5.0? Probably the development that more self-builders are looking forward to is the development of “cable-free” computers. After showing prototypes last year, component and cabinet manufacturers must agree in 2024 on how this will work if the concept is to succeed.

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On pages 2 and 3, Thomas gives you his predictions for processors and video cards. Willem takes over his article on pages 4 and 5, where you can read about what 2024 has to offer in the field of SSDs, memory, housings and more.