April 17, 2024

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“Prince Harry is ready to come to the UK temporarily and take on a royal role” |  Showbiz

“Prince Harry is ready to come to the UK temporarily and take on a royal role” | Showbiz

Britain's Prince Harry is preparing to take on a temporary royal role after King Charles was diagnosed with cancer. The Duke of Sussex is said to have discussed the matter with friends. The British daily newspaper The Times reported this based on its sources.

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Palace insiders also say there is a closeness between father and son. A source said: “Details of the meeting at Clarence House and subsequent talks are private, but there is a feeling this could work.” Others at court seemed less inclined to favor a return, noting that Queen Elizabeth had made it clear that the Sussexes could not be “half active and half inactive.”

The message comes after an interview Harry gave to the TV show “Good Morning America” ​​earlier on Friday. The prince noted that he was grateful to have seen his father again last week and spent some time with him. He also admitted that he believed Charles' illness would bring the family closer together again. “I'm sure he knows. I think every illness and every condition brings families together.

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Harry has not been an active member of the British royal family for four years. He then left for the United States with his wife, Megan, after handing over his official duties.

However, the prince remains fifth in line to the throne, and also remains a state advisor. In this role, he is authorized by law to perform official duties on behalf of his father if the king becomes ill, for example. Queen Camilla, Prince William, Prince Andrew, his daughter Princess Beatrice, Princess Anne and Prince Edward could take Charles' place.

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