February 1, 2023

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Prince Harry’s book is particularly difficult for brother William: ‘I don’t see how they can reconcile after this’


British Prince Harry’s diaries will appear in ten days, and he would attack his brother and sister-in-law more aggressively than his father. That the British press writes based on the sources. “I don’t see how Harry and William can reconcile after that.”

Memorizes, British Prince Harry’s book, will be released later this month. And the United Kingdom – and especially the Royal Family – is again looking forward to the contents of that book. When Harry and his wife Meghan released the documentary on Netflix to the world, it was feared it would be full of accusations against the royal family. Buckingham Palace was ready to respond if necessary. But the major riots did not materialize in the end.

Now that Harry’s book is on the way, he’s looking again at potential discoveries that could cause a stir in the UK. A source who knows more about the book told the British newspaper times That his father, King Charles, will survive this time more than initially expected, but his brother, Prince William, and his wife, Kate, will be the target.

“All in all I think the book is going to be worse for them than the royals expect. It’s all exposed. Charles comes out better than I expected, but William in particular takes a big hit, and even Kate takes some hits. There are those little details and descriptions of the brothers’ feud. Personally, I don’t see how Harry and William can reconcile after that.”

On top of the expectations from Harry’s book, there are now rumors that his wife Meghan will now come up with her own diary. The couple reportedly signed a deal with Penguin Random House Publishers in 2021 for four books. Megan has already published a children’s book. Harry’s Spare has now been added and there are rumors that the couple is also currently working on a book on ‘wellness’. Then Megan’s diary became the fourth book.

Memorizes It was written by JR Moehringer and will be released on January 10th. (sgg)

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