June 2, 2023

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Princess Margarita is a patron of equine post-traumatic stress disorder research

Princess Margarita is named patron of Horsepower, a research project for veterans suffering from treatment-resistant PTSD. Utrecht University, where the research is taking place, announced this on Friday.

The university says that about 5 percent of war veterans in the Netherlands suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Despite treatment with current forms of treatment, some still have complaints, such as restless night sleep and difficulty concentrating. Communication with horses can help.

β€œI am delighted that scientific research is now being conducted on the effect of horses on veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD,” says Princess Margarita. β€œIt is also important, of course, to measure the well-being of horses. What amazes me is the calm and relaxation that veterans experience when interacting with horses. I hope this will be accessible to more veterans with PTSD in the future.”

Margarita is known as a horse lover. The princess is also a board member of Horse Connects, an organization committed to projects where horses can affect people’s mental and emotional health.

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