July 24, 2024

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private pictures.  Gucci trick with twins

private pictures. Gucci trick with twins

At Gucci, think about it. What a plan. They set up two parallel shows, with a split in between. The public did not know anything about her. Then the section disappeared and the models from the two shows merged together side by side. It turned out that they were twins, dressed in the same outfit.

It wasn’t just a visual kick, creative director Alessandro Michele had a psychological story too: “I know I have another side of myself. I see it sometimes when I’m with my therapist. We all have that, and sometimes one gets close, and we hold each other’s hand. To stay in the therapeutic mood: Before the show started, guests were also asked to take a Rorschach test. You know it, one of those inkblots where you see something, depending on your demons. “We’re all the same, but we’re all different,” said Michelle.

In search of twin models, Gucci went to the Twins Days Festival, a twins event in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Belgian twins also walked on the podium: Elaine and Marit de Weir. Elaine is a professional model and has walked for Gucci before. You can recognize them by bright pink beams.

Photos: podium photos

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