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Private security, trained monitors and even a 'panic room': This is how (former) footballers try to keep thieves out |  sports

Private security, trained monitors and even a ‘panic room’: This is how (former) footballers try to keep thieves out | sports

foreign footballThe whole world can consult their travel and playing plans. Football players (former) are easy targets for gangs of thieves. It is proven that the raid of the villa in Ibiza where Marco Verratti I stayed again. He stole nearly three million euros. Victim Numbers, in 2020, for example, Red Devil Jan Vertonghen had to deal with armed robbery. Therefore, (substantial) measures are needed. One erects a “panic room”, and the other hides behind a high gate. Looking Inside At The Stars: This Is How They Prevent Hackers.

A car rarely passes on Paseo Los Lagos, La Finca, Madrid. Unless it’s Vigilancia’s car, the special police who patrol the patrol several times a day.

It is a quiet place to relax in the enclosed space of 200 luxury villas. Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale lived there during his time with Real Madrid. Wherever you look, you are staring into the lens of the security camera. At the entrance to the street, there is a moody policeman watching the “Bariel”. 24 of 24.

It will not rise without written permission or the correct number plate. It’s the selling point for real estate agents: La Finca combines luxury, security and privacy. Many photographers in Madrid heard the excuse: “There are no footballers here.”

private security

However, Eden Hazard’s Audi Q7 goes up and down the field every morning† Compared to the bustling center of Madrid, La Finca is a boring glass of still water, but the Red Devil doesn’t care. Not to worry about the safety of his wife and four children. These are the conditions he is already accustomed to in London. He also lived there on a closed road, where a private company was responsible for the security of the entire neighborhood.

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Eden Hazard’s house in La Finca. © RV

The plague of robbery that plagued the lover in Madrid never bothered him. About three years ago, a gang of Albanian thieves beat up their teammates Casemiro and Isco during away matches. The criminals also went looking for cash, watches, jewelry and other valuables from then coach Zinedine Zidane and some Atletico players – they even snatched away the loser’s medal from the Champions League final.

Thibaut Courtois in Madrid does not live in a closed community like that of La Finca, but a little further out in Boadilla del Monte. The villa is fully secured, but he didn’t buy bloodthirsty guard dogs at the height of the intrusions. Then Real Madrid contracted for a while a security company for their players who were watching things from the car day and night. Since his employer was no longer responsible, Courtois sent guards to patrol on his own initiative.

Courtois plays basketball with our analyst Gil de Bild.  In the background villa.

Courtois plays basketball with our analyst Gil de Bild. In the background villa. © Photo News

Jan Vertonghen

Brokers who go regularly to look for the best soccer players know the requirements: security and privacy are usually at the top of their wish list, next to luxury. Players know their weak point. They are prone to intrusion, because the whole world knows their travel plans and games. In addition, they are known for storing expensive watches, jewelry, and cash.

Two years ago, Jan Vertonghen’s family – currently at Benfica – was in London An eye and an eye with the militants, while sitting on the bench in Leipzig during a Champions League match with Tottenham. He is the only Belgian international to have faced an armed robbery in England.

Jan Vertonghen welcomed intruders during his time at Tottenham.

Jan Vertonghen welcomed intruders during his time at Tottenham. © Photo News

An incident similar to what happened to Angel Di María a year and a half ago during PSG-Nantes. During the match, coach Leonardo informed coach Mauricio Pochettino of the kidnapping of Di Maria’s house – his family was briefly held hostage. Pochettino immediately pulled his player aside and showed him the matter. An alternative for understandable reasons.

At that time, the Tottenham team manager waited until after the final whistle to inform Vertonghen. A television camera captured the scene. A sad-hearted red devil was given courage by coach Jose Mourinho after a traumatic experience for his wife and two children (watch the video below). The thieves threatened his wife with a machete and asked him about valuables. After a brief raid on the house, they escaped with electronics. Offer his club help.

A few months later, co-worker Dele Alli was hit hard during a house robbery. Thereafter, many top players continued to receive service in England. An alarm in his final days at Man United also chased hackers away from Angel Di Maria’s domain. Chris Smalling is suddenly woken up one night by three thieves. He had to open his safe with jewels. The Dutch league was also stunned by such an incident. Eran ZahavichEindhoven was then told, before kick-off, that his house had been burgled. His family – with young children – is at gunpoint. He later said, “What we witnessed is more than just burglary and theft.” Then forget the accidents. Because Sergio Peña, Nicolas Otamendi, Joao Cancelo, they also had to deal with the theft of the house. The last one is Marco Verratti. Although not in his home, but in a holiday home belonging to Ronaldo, the Brazilian legend. Don’t make the loot less. Three million in cash, jewelry and watches. The trend is still worrying.

Zahavi arrives at his home after the theft.

Zahawi arrives at his home after the theft. © ANP

closed street

Even David Beckham and his wife Victoria left their mansion in London panic room €60,000 – a closed shelter in case of danger.

However, most players don’t go that far in their fear. They rely on high-tech alarm systems and camera surveillance, like Kevin De Bruyne. Others have permanent security guards on their doorstep or buy specially trained guard dogs. Like Marcus Rashford.

With celebrities not choosing a home on a closed street in London, you’ll often spot a car with a security guard in front of the door. For passersby, it can be a bit shocking at night when the lights suddenly come on and the car comes very slowly behind you.

Rodformer shares a video of unwanted visitors:

Rodformer also received unwanted visitors. In the summer of 2020, an attempted burglary occurred at his home in Knokke. On the birthday of his wife Ross, who was abroad at the time. Because the alarm went off in time, nothing was stolen. They did not act professionally, but the timing of the thieves was perfect. At 3pm, a few hours before the start of a practice match between Club Brugge against Key in Mechelen, they attempted to make their transfer. Except for a damaged door, they did not succeed in their intention.

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