February 6, 2023

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Pro-Russian separatists claim control of a village near Bashmoit | Abroad

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk region say they have taken control of a village near the town of Pashmut, which is today the epicenter of fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

The village of Pakhmutsk was “liberated by Russian forces,” according to separatists in the Russian-annexed region. The information cannot be confirmed by independent sources. Pakhmutsk is located northeast of Bashmoyet, where 70,000 people lived before the start of the Russian invasion in February last year. The city is now the main battlefield of the war in Ukraine.

Russian forces, backed by mercenaries from the Wagner Group, have been trying to take control of Bashmut for months, but Ukraine is offering fierce resistance. The city was reduced to rubble by artillery battles.

Bachmoetske is located next to the town of Soledar, where heavy fighting also takes place. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his daily address yesterday that the area between the two cities is “one of the bloodiest places on the front.”

Russia in September demanded the annexation of the Donetsk region and three other regions, after referendums that were not recognized by Kyiv and the international community.

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