February 4, 2023

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Een gaswinlocatie van de NAM in Kolham

Professor critical of Megnrad: ‘Detached from reality’

What is a mining board?

Mijnraad is an advisory body under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The Board provides advice that is required or unsolicited in the area of ​​identification, extraction and storage of minerals and minerals in the deep underground. Mijnraad also advises on gas extraction strategy in Groningen.

The Chairman of the Mining Council is Stave Dipla, a former member of the House of Representatives of the PvdA. He was also an alderman in the municipality of Eindhoven. In addition to Depla, there are eight other people in Mijnraad. This concerns, for example, the dam observer in Zeeland, the professor of European law and the professor of geoenergy. This Groningen professor Rien Herber is also a member of the KNMI Supervisory Board.

its mining board Latest tip On its own initiative “based on the consideration of the gas market”.

In 2018, advice from Mijnraad urged then-Minister Wiebes to Temporarily suspending boosting† According to that advice, 1,500 houses in Groningen had to be strengthened. Approximately 8,000 homeowners were to be given the choice and a maximum of 9,400 homes would be promoted.

It is now clear that the NGO Groningen must strengthen at least 13,000 homes to a greater or lesser extent.

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