January 29, 2023

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Proximus has connected 1 million Belgian buildings to the fiber network – IT Pro – News

There is no unlimited internet package. Unlimited * is the new hype trend.
For example in Telenet you can download as much as you want. But watch out:
You have peak hours (from 17 to 24 hours) “You are surfing without limits at full speed.
Only with stable internet usage during peak hours above the maximum will your speed temporarily decrease until your counter goes back to zero.
You have off-peak hours (24 to 17 hours) from midnight to 17 pm. (Usually from midnight to noon.)
You are always surfing without limits at full fixed internet speed.

You will notice as a heavy user of fixed internet once you use more than 750GB of fixed internet during peak hours. So, if you download more than 750 GB, you will be set to browse 10 Mbps until your counter goes back to 0. Your counter will reset to 0 in 1 month.

We temporarily reduce the speed during heavy use to ensure smooth Internet traffic for all our Internet customers.

What is beautiful? Whether you have fiber optics or 1 Gbps, you can only download a lot…

Proximus has increased the limit for “unlimited internet”. Internet speed will only slow down from using 3 TB per month. Before that, it was already after 750 GB.

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