October 1, 2022

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Proximus to achieve 15,000 additional charging stations for electric vehicles

Proximus to achieve 15,000 additional charging stations for electric vehicles

Belgian mobile phone provider Proximus has a destination I find it For the space liberated by glass is the so-called street vaults. The fiber simply requires less equipment than the “old” copper mesh. As a result, part of the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe street tanks remains unused. The telecom provider will – and has already begun to do so on a trial basis – to fill this space with charging facilities for electric vehicles. Between now and 2028, Proximus wants to achieve at least 15,000 new electric vehicle charging points in Belgium.

Street lockers become charging points

About 8,000 of these will be connected to the 4,000 street lockers. These are street tanks that, according to Proximus, are eligible for “expansion” with charging points. Other charging points must be realized in (semi) public places such as parking lots, hospitals, sports clubs and cultural centers.

The idea of ​​filling free space in street tanks with charging point facilities has already been successfully tested in Mechelen. The first “street locker charging station” was put into use there at the end of last year. In the ensuing months, six more charging stations were added. Each location has two charging points for electric vehicles. New charging stations will be launched nationwide soon. To start in Oudenaarde (5 charging stations). This year, Proximus wants to deliver a total of 25 of these “street locker charging stations”.

Politically happy with the new charging stations

There has been no news for a long time that the European Union is promoting the use of electric vehicles. All kinds of laws and regulations are put in place for this purpose which would discourage the purchase and use of vehicles equipped with a combustion engine and eventually make it almost impossible. However, there are still many challenges to be overcome. Automakers are on track to remove the internal combustion engine from their portfolio by 2030, and some years before that.

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But before everyone can actually buy an electric car, the charging infrastructure must also be significantly expanded. It is expected that by 2035 Europe will need about 65 million charging stations to continue charging all electric vehicles, so it is not surprising that politicians are pleased with actions such as those of Proximus.

“In the coming years, the number of electric vehicles going around will increase, making adequate charging infrastructure essential. The ambition of Proximus and the various partners are responding smoothly to this. When more than 15,000 charging stations are added by 2028, thanks to Proximus and partners, there will be More options for charging This could convince people to choose an electric car and thus reduce emissions. “This benefits everyone,” said Belgian Minister Petra de Sutter.