December 8, 2023

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Pukkelpop 2023 announces 14 new names and phasing out

Pukkelpop 2023 announces 14 new names and phasing out

Pukkelpop 2023 announces platform distribution. We still have to wait for the schedule, but we will already receive an answer to the question of who plays where. In addition, a new part of the names.

huge Eight stages He has Pukkelpop on the counter this year. This makes it useful to do a really small estimate where we can determine our favourites. For example, some paths can already be mapped. The first thing that strikes us is that the castillo is disappearing, so the festival will have one tent less this year.

New names

In addition to the theater section, the Limburg Festival announces 14 new names. An overview of the brand new business can be found below. With these additions, the Hasselt Festival poster is already full. Artists such as The Killers, Florence + The Machine, Billie Eilish, and Angèle have been released.


If you want to go to the festival for the full three days, you have to be quick. That’s how it is Combo tickets I’m already out the door at 75%. You can still purchase tickets for the days separately. In addition, Pukkelpop also announces that Camping Chill is fully booked and there are only a few spots available on Camping Relax. Being fast is the message here, too.

Do you like to get in the mood. Then quickly listen to the playlist below. This way the anticipation can really start.