April 21, 2024

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Putin remains bent on invading Ukraine by force and unwilling to negotiate |  Ukraine and Russia war

Putin remains bent on invading Ukraine by force and unwilling to negotiate | Ukraine and Russia war

Vladimir Putin still firmly believes that the Russians will win in Ukraine. “The Russian president wants a complete victory and is not willing to negotiate,” says the latest update from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a US think tank.

According to military experts at the famous institute, Putin stuck to his goals from the very beginning of the war. “So far, no military failure has convinced him to come to the negotiating table,” he said.

The Russian president’s words and actions show that he is not yet ready to make concessions to end the war despite the Russian army’s setbacks on the battlefield. However, his efforts to force Ukraine and Europe to capitulate in the winter were unsuccessful.

War tired

The experts wrote: “The war will continue as long as Putin believes he can impose his will on Ukraine by continuing to fight or breaking the will of Ukrainians to fight after being let down by the West.” After all, the Russian president assumes that the West will eventually become war-weary.

The think tank said that only a series of Ukrainian victories could force Putin to the negotiating table.

the right moment

Experts say: “There is ample reason to believe that successful counterattacks will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to make gains.” It would be an opportune time for Putin to conclude that Russia cannot impose its will on Ukraine by force and that he must seek a compromise. But at this point, he clearly hadn’t come to that conclusion.

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