May 26, 2024

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Putin: "The end of 20 years of US presence in A ...

Putin: “The end of 20 years of US presence in A …

The last twenty years of war in Afghanistan and the US presence are a “tragedy” for the Asian nation. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

For twenty years, American soldiers have been in the region. For twenty years people have tried to introduce ‘civilization’ and their own rules and way of life, “Putin said during a live televised meeting with young people.” The result is a tragedy. There are losses for those who do this, not only for the United States, but especially for people living in the Afghan territory. “

The United States left the country completely on Tuesday. This puts an end to twenty years of Western existence. According to Putin, it is difficult to say what the future holds for Afghanistan. “The situation must mature. And if it is to mature faster, we must help the people,” he said.

Russia has so far taken a wait-and-see approach to the Taliban regime. Moscow has acknowledged the Taliban’s victory, but called for “national dialogue” to lead to the formation of a representative government. Proper recognition of the new regime will come only when adequate guarantees are provided for Russian security.

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