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Putting Solar Panels on Your Carport: With this procedure, you can make it up to 16% more efficient |  MyGuide

Putting Solar Panels on Your Carport: With this procedure, you can make it up to 16% more efficient | MyGuide

LiviusLooking for a budget-friendly alternative to the garage? Then a garage is a good solution. Not sure what to consider when choosing a garage? Livios Builder site List for you some points of interest to make an informed decision.

Garage benefits

One of the most important arguments for choosing a carport is its price. After all, you don’t have to spend any more money or less on the design, foundation, construction, insulation, and gate than you do on a garage.

Plus, the garage blocks less light, and there’s more room to get in and out of a car and maneuver a bike or moped.

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Free standing or opposite the house

You can put up a freestanding garage, build it opposite the house, or use a prominent part of the house as a carport.

You can also opt for modular prefab construction, a custom garage made to order by a specialist firm, or a design by your own architect.

Materials, roof coverings and dimensions

Cars used to be mainly functional. If the car stays dry, people are often satisfied. Today is a different cake. People want their garage to fit the style of their home and manufacturers are responding to this with different materials, roof coverings and dimensions. You should always ask yourself the following three questions during a placement.

Do you hesitate between garage and carport? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of both options here.

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1. What are the materials for your carport?

New materials are constantly appearing on the market, although the bastions remain. For example, aluminum and polycarbonate remain popular. This material is easy to maintain and blends in well with the environment. In addition, it weighs little. You don’t need many columns to keep the roof straight.

Wood does not lose its relevance either. The natural material remains free from mold and mildew attack for a minimum of 20 to 25 years, without you having to do anything about it. Although we are talking about category 1 species. These are tropical species such as Afrormosia and Padouk, native species (such as pine and spruce) are also suitable, provided they are impregnated. Thermowood is also a good choice. This wood has been rendered insensitive to moisture, fungus, and other influences by heat treatment.

2. Any roof for your garage?

Fixed ceilings
Once you have chosen the building material, you can start looking for a suitable roof. Most people put a complete cap on parking. Some have a gable or even pyramidal roof installed. They are often finished with the same roof tiles or slates as their home. Although this type of roof is not very common.

A flat roof remains the most obvious choice, both in terms of installation and price. Here too you can choose from many shapes and sizes.

Polycarbonate and glass
You don’t often see a flat roof. After all, roof covering is hidden behind sheathing or framing, which is why builders sometimes choose price cut-outs such as polyester and PVC corrugated panels. However, this material is not really durable and is very noisy when it rains on it.

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So choose polycarbonate. This material has been firmly number one for years. It is easy to handle and very light. The only drawback is that polycarbonate does not always look very presentable. Some people choose glass for this reason. In this case, know that an ordinary glass will not be enough. You need laminated glass. Like the glass in a car windshield, it will not break if something falls on it.

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green roof
Is there enough light coming in or do you really want a strong ceiling? Then move on to a complete roof structure that you can finish with EPDM or ceiling, for example. You can even take it a step further. If your roof is strong enough, you can completely convert it into a green roof. Made primarily of succulents, this delicate layer of green requires no maintenance. You have a beautiful view and do nature a favor.

Moreover, it is the perfect place for solar panels. Solar panels operate less at higher temperatures. The green roof mitigate this effect. Greenery naturally cools the roof, increasing your efficiency by 16 percent.

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3. What are the dimensions of your carport?

There are many ready-made, ready-to-use building kits on the garage market. This solution seems ideal, but think before you jump. After all, there is a risk that you will choose a model that is too small. Don’t just rely on the exterior dimensions of your car. After all, you should be able to get in and out easily.

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Therefore, it must count on a width of at least three meters. If you have to maneuver to get out, it could be more. After that, the angled brace becomes an obstacle more than once.

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