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Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl Again Unseen at the End: 'We're Chasing the Facts'

Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl Again Unseen at the End: ‘We’re Chasing the Facts’

Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl Once again unseen in the final: ‘We’re chasing the facts’

Wed March 30, 2022 at 20:12

“It’s not our spring.” Yves Lampaert already dares to draw that conclusion after the end of Dwars Vlaanderen’s door. Once again, Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl was nearly invisible in the classic spring finale. The best rider was Yannick Stemmel who finished 14th, four minutes behind winner Matthew van der Poel.

Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl went to Dwars door Vlaanderen without absolute leader Kasper Asgreen. Without the Dane, the Belgian team could not break any fate again. The knights who were still there showed themselves in the semi-finals. Zdeněk Štybar did some attacks, but the Czech eventually ended up in 61st place, with Lambert finishing 27th.

“We’re chasing the facts. If fifteen guys walk away and no one on the team is with them, you’re not good enough,” explains Lambert. latest news† The heart of the spring is also known to be sick. “We drive with half a dispensary. Then it’s no surprise that he doesn’t come out anymore. […] The block went into the show. “

‘We don’t have pawns to play with tactically’
Stijn Steels also sees his teammates as Lampaert, Štybar, Davide Ballerini, Mikkel Honoré and Florian Sénéchal not in great shape. “That’s the whole second line,” Stills says. “These are the guys right below Asgreen who would normally break the race and make it hard. But they’re gone. You can’t expect us, the helpers, to take on that role. We can’t.”

The Steels are not counting on Asgreen for next Sunday’s Tour of Flanders. “Wout may stand out, but Kasper is second. For me he is one of the top favorites in the Tour of Flanders. This course is longer and that suits him. Tactically, the space is very limited: we don’t have more pawns to play with. We only have a leader,” Stills said. One.” Lambert shares this view: “On Sunday it’s all about Asgarin. He is our hope.”

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