May 28, 2024

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Quick-step double win: Jacobsen wins the final stage, Schmid is the overall winner of the Balois Tour Belgium |  Baloise Tour Belgium 2022

Quick-step double win: Jacobsen wins the final stage, Schmid is the overall winner of the Balois Tour Belgium | Baloise Tour Belgium 2022

There is no traditional round finale today in the Baloise Belgium Tour. Thanks to the golden kilometer, plenty of salt and pepper has been added to the classic running stage.

At the beginning of the stage, the race was closed for some time, but in the end a group of refugees managed to escape. They don’t get much space. Because Dries De Bondt and Daan van Sintmaartensdijk each set their sights on the title of Martial Spirit. The fugitives were caught and Dries De Bondt managed to maintain his lead in this sub-ranking in the middle sprints.

Other spices for this stage? Golden Mile. Tim Wells was followed by 5 percent of leader Mauro Schmid, so the three middle sprints were crucial to the overall win.

After Willens won his first middle race, he was almost in the lead, but Mauro Schmid was able to take the next two races thanks to Quick-Step. Although the game is not played fair. After an exciting battle, it is the Swiss who can achieve an all-out victory.

After 3 kilometers, it’s time to run.

There was nowhere to be seen Quick-Step and Lotto-Soudal, so Pedersen and Philipsen had an excellent chance of winning the stage. In the end Fabio Jacobsen once again showed that he is in great shape. Without a team or his teammates, the Dutchman has bypassed everything and everyone. Jasper Philipsen came in second and Jerpen Tejsen in third.

“I was allowed to get away from the team at the Golden Kilometer. Then I found my way in the race and surfed a bit from one train to another. Of course it is more difficult without Morkov, but it is possible. Well-shaped legs are good.”

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“This is a boost to the Tour’s goal. I’ve shown that I can beat the best runners in the world. I hope I can go to the Tour!”

“It’s come a long way. I know it. I owe a lot to my family and the doctors. I’m so happy.”

“Of course I’m disappointed. We’re going to fight today. Things went wrong between the middle sprint number one and two. Thanks in part to the collision with Lambert. That’s too bad. You can disqualify Lambert, but there I won the Blues Belgium Tour. Anyway, it hurts to be so close to her.”

“Would I have been able to finish close to yesterday? It’s hard to say. I can also win half a second in the time trial.”

“It’s a special thing to win a race in stages, especially in the same race
Second, it was very exciting.”

“It’s a special feeling when the team sacrifices everything for you. I felt extra pressure on my shoulder, but everyone believed in me. It’s so nice that Fabio still finished it, even if he had to do it alone. It shows how strong he is.”