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Razer gaming keyboard upgrade has arrived

Razer gaming keyboard upgrade has arrived

A good keyboard for your gaming setup is already a must. Especially if you use your computer to work from home. And Razer is a party that really brought a lot of cool stuff to market in that region.

If you already have a Razer keyboard at home, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy playing with it. But you may want something new after a while. Then of course you can buy a completely new keyboard, but it is also possible to start with what is called an upgrade kit. We received a wide range of testing.

Your keyboard is unique with Razer Upgrade Kits

I’ve tested a lot of different keyboards in the past. Especially the gaming keyboard themed ones are pretty cool. With all the lights that come with it, it can become a reasonable exhibit. And I love that. Anyway, you have a keyboard like the others. With something like an upgrade kit you have some extra options. Furthermore, you can extend your primary keyboard this way with the palm, which works a little better when you type a lot.

BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed ​​Phantom Edition is ready to use (Photo: Jelle van Es/WANT)

From Razer I received a very comprehensive package to test with the BlackWidow V3 Mini HyperSpeed ​​Phantom Edition. This is a small and compact wireless keyboard, with keys that deliver great feedback. They make some noise when you tap on them so it’s not really suitable if you have to work at home with your roommates, but if you’re on your own it’s really cool. It is also easily wirelessly connected and you can use it for several hours in a row. And when it’s empty, you can hang it on your USB-C cable and charge it again quickly. In addition, you can only use it.

upgrade kit (Photo: Jelle van Es/WANT)

play with light

So basically the keyboard is really good and through the software you can play with the keyboard light. But if you want to make it a little more special, get the Razer Upgrade Kit. I chose the white version. if you want. Then all the buttons can be removed and replaced with white ones. its very easy. You get a kind of plastic grip on the set. You can put this on the switch and then you can remove it easily. This is really a two-second state. So, if you want everything white, work just a quarter of an hour.

The final result (Photo: Jelle van Es/WANT)

However, I chose to replace some of the buttons. By making these buttons white and then providing them with some other buttons via the program, you have a bit more of an overview as you play. Sure, I can actually find my WASD when I’m playing a shooter, but marking it this way makes it stand out more and I’m happy with the end result. In this way, this is a really great solution for gamers who want something a little different with their Razer keyboard. If you want to record it Then you can go here.

Various possibilities (Photo: Jelle van Es/WANT)

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Razer gaming keyboard upgrade has arrived

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